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A New Swedish Watch Design Brand Engineered to Follow You Anywhere

2024-07-14 12:42:24 Design


The story of BEU Watches started when Johan Ronnestam, Surfer, adventurer, and former snowboard professional asked himself the question if it would be possible to create a watch brand that could inspire people to achieve their personal goals and visions. With a deep respect for the incredible diversity of our planet, Johan has spent a lifetime searching for great waves, deep powder, unbeaten tracks, and inspirational human beings.

?BEU watches are created for the curious, the visionary, and the brave: enduring timepieces with the power to liberate you from technology, and reconnect you to people, nature, and culture.? ? Johan Ronnestam

Johan gathered a small design collective from Sweden who firmly believes that we?ve been born into this world, not to master others but to master ourselves. Born, raised and living in the lands of reflection, BEU Watches strives to create iconic timepieces that do to you what nature has always done for us ? calms you down, gives you space to think, room to breathe and most importantly, inspires you to be you.

?We wanted to focus only the details that really matter and create a beautiful, durable watch that acts as a simple reminder?to value yourself more than anything else.? ? Johan Ronnestam

Introducing the BEU Solid Series, featuring five uniquely designed, waterproof watches? Solid 20 ATM in Brushed Steel and Lava Black, and Solid 6 ATM in raw Bronze, Gold, and Steel.

The Solid 20 ATM Collection
Available in the brushed steel Founders Edition and the PVD Lava Black.

Design highlights:

? Designed in Sweden
? Waterproof to up to 200m/660ft.
? Solid Lunar Light intensive luminous blue glow that lasts for up to eight hours
? Multi-layered dial with milled hours painted in Solid Lunar Light
? Sapphire glass for extreme durability
Brushed stainless steel
? Miyota 732X 4 year cycles
? Pairs with BEU Switchstraps or standard Nato Straps
? 40mm and 36mm case.

When BEU set out to create what would become the BEU Solid 20 ATM series, they said no to smart tech, timers, date displays, and even numbers. Working with a few core elements, the design team started with a solid, stainless steel form in perfect balance. A gently sloping milled dial display gives way to drilled hours and precision-cut hands that keep the rhythm of time. Solid Lunar Light brings visibility in the dark. A dual-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, rounded off with a sleek, 22? bevel, provides maximum protection. A screw-down double twin lock seals the case for waterproofness up to 200 m / 660 ft. And strong asymmetric lugs add character while holding any Switchstrap in place. And that?s all you really need. For whenever you need time.Simple, balanced and profoundly timeless.

The versatile Solid 20 ATM Founder?s Edition has been stripped down to embody only the most important details. Everything from the resilient 20 ATM waterproof stainless steel case to the multi-layered beveling and after hours Solid Lunar Light comes together to form a perfect balance?and remind you to do the same.

Powerfully built with only the most essential details, like a PVD finished stainless steel case, waterproofness up to 200m/660ft and a Solid Lunar Light by nightfall.

The Solid 6 ATM Collection
Available in Raw Stainless Gold, Steel and Bronze.

Design highlights:

? Designed in Sweden
? Waterproof to up to 60m/200ft.
? RAW circle brushed dial
? Multi-layered dial with milled, sandblasted hours
? Sapphire glass for extreme durability
? Brushed stainless steel
? Miyota 732X 4 year cycles
? Pairs with BEU Switchstraps or standard Nato Straps
? 40mm and 36mm case.

A carefully engineered intricate mix of layers makes up the BEU Solid 6 ATM watch case. No colors, no glued on details. Just raw materials making up a timeless piece of art.

At the most basic level, any watch case consists of a few important parts?a case to house the mechanics, a crown to set the time, a dial, a bezel, hands and number markers and, finally, crystal glass to seal and protect. Working with these few details, BEU has constructed a case where different characteristics of a single raw material interact and converge to present a worthy celebration of time. The inner dial is made from two layers of metal. The curve of the milled first layer adds a unique personality to the Solid shape, while the drilled apertures let the light in to play against the sandblasted bottom. The discrete hands, together with the engraved BEU mark of excellence, make up the face of the dial. Asymmetric lugs build character. And dual-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass provides maximum protection.

Raw and expressive. Solid 6 ATM in Raw Gold catches the eye then speaks to your soul. Equally brilliant dressed up or down, it moves fluidly from work to play to contemplation. An enduring composition artfully designed with a solid waterproof case, sapphire glass, milled double-layered dial and sandblasted hours.

Urbane and innately elemental. The multifaceted Solid 6 ATM in Raw Steel combines a modern, streamlined form with a drilled and sandblasted interior. Engineered with a waterproof stainless steel case, sapphire glass and milled double-layered dial.

Formed but still self-ruling. Solid 6 ATM in Raw Bronze is strong, dynamic and endlessly captivating. Meticulously crafted with a solid waterproof case, sapphire glass, milled double-layered dial and sandblasted hours.

The BEU Switchstrap
The BEU Switchstrap, a truly unique snap-on solution for durable timepieces.

Effortlessly pull everything together. Refined, practical, comfortable. The BEU Switchstrap dresses up or down with ease and comes in different colors to bring new moods and characteristics to life. Choose from Sleek or Sports style.

Switchstrap Sleek
The Sleek Switchstrap carries a refined and modern look and inborn characteristics, like high-grade silicone, waterproofness, and flexibility that make it ready for anything.

Switchstrap Sports
Equipped with a bold and determined appearance and all the necessary features. Waterproof, high-grade silicone, flexible and aerated for maximum breathability.

Company :-BEU watches

User :- Karl Johansson


Phone :-+46-70-7662227

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