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John Paul and GOUSA Successfully Launch Conservative Proud Video

2024-06-18 02:57:36 Government


John Paul and GOUSA has just launched #ConservativeProud, a revolutionary video about Conservatism in YouTube. The video that talks about conservatism already gained hundreds of views and likes from its supporters in YouTube. The success of the launching of the video owes it to its idea to start a revolutionary new movement for conservatism. Its simple - Be a bold, loud and proud conservative in the face of Leftist intolerance, and help unite the conservative movement nationally.

[#ConservativeProud] is a video by John Paul, founder of Grand Opportunity USA "GOUSA", who is openly gay, openly Catholic and openly Conservative. He was once forced to live in the gay closet by society, and now sees millions of Americans forced into the "conservative closet" by Leftist forces in the media, education, politics, sports, and entertainment industries. Until now, the regressive Left has gotten away with defining and slandering conservative Americans everywhere with the false labels of racists, bigots, homophobes, Nazis, and worse in an attempt to silence us. All of this just because we support the most basic American principles, like limited government, Constitutional liberties, free minds, free markets and Opportunity for All. Enough is enough, it's time to united and stand strong, #ConservativeProud. This is the first movement of its kind that unites conservatives everywhere and promotes that "it's OK to be conservative" - bold, proud and loud conservatives. Every October is #ConservativeProud month, where activities, events, walks and media events will be held in support of the movement. GOUSA, a 501(c)4 non-profit, was founded by John Paul, marketing pro, gay, conservative, Catholic and author of the book "Cues for Conservatives: How to Engage the Millennial Generation and Unite the Conservative Movement." The purpose of our organization at GOUSA is to motivate, educate and mobilize young people, minority groups, NTLs (non-traditional lifestyles, or LBGTQs), people of faith and citizens of all backgrounds to advance American values and advocate for their personal, economic, social, educational and national interests and needs.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, John Paul said: "Its Time for a Bold New Messaging and Brand Update for the Conservative Movement - And for conservatives everywhere to stand together, #ConservativeProud. "The Left Does Not Own You Because of Your Identity, and Will Not Silence the Proud Voices of Those of Us on the Right". - John Paul If the conservative movement cannot find a way very soon to unite and become more inclusive of a younger and much more diverse range of voters in America, we risk of becoming a permanent minority party. The good news is, an answer for this dilemma has been found. At GRAND OPPORTUNITY USA, or GOSUA, we stand for core conservative values and the principles of: Economic Opportunity Personal Opportunity Educational Opportunity Social Opportunity and National Opportunity. Opportunity for ALL. We propose that the Republican Party take the Old out of the GOP and change its brand from the Grand OLD Party to the Grand OPPORTUNITY Party, giving the conservative movement and bold new messaging and brand update to attract future generations of American voters based on the principles of opportunity. Our goal is to unite the country and to reach a younger and more diverse audience of conservatives to preserve our freedoms, liberties & prosperity in America for generations to come. And, we must not allow the to Left silence us because of our values - we must stand together, #ConservativeProud. We will educate, inform and drive awareness of millions of voters by creating digital media, videos, social media, printed materials and speaking events on college campuses and elsewhere to communicate conservatism more effectively to a young, wider and more diverse audience.

Full details on the event can be found on YouTube

The Grand Opportunity USA website has full details about the movement. Interested parties can visit the website at:

Company :-Grand Opportunity USA

User :- John Paul


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