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FIITJEE’s CURATE brings Fast Track Preparation for JEE 2021 Aspirants

2024-06-09 09:44:47 Education


New Delhi: All students are diamonds, but those who make it to the IIT?s are the polished ones. Right now, the aspiring students might be rough Diamonds and to attain the dream goal of success in JEE 2021, all they need is a perfect Curator who can polish the diamond in them thus transforming them into a precious one to enable them realize their real value by admission in one of prestigious IIT?s.

FIITJEE?s CURATE ? Admission cum Scholarship Test is a Gateway that will not only ensure speedy preparation but will also hone & refine the current talent level to the one as per JEE requirements, which will ultimately lead aspirants to achieve their dream ranks in JEE 2021:

∙ The test will help students know their grasp on the fundamentals and check their conceptual knowledge.

∙ Students can get a glimpse of their relative performance vis ? vis their peers at the National level.

∙ The test will also provide students with external evaluation of their IQs, specifically for JEE Advanced and JEE Main.
The results will emphasize upon the areas requiring special attention by apprising students of their strengths and weaknesses.

∙ Curate will test student?s raw potential on the basis of which they may be selected to pursue studies at FIITJEE & get a chance to cultivate their potential to succeed in JEE Advanced.

FIITJEE?s CURATE Admission cum Scholarship Test has been scheduled on 21st April 2019 and the last date to register is 20th April. Students can collect the Paper application forms either from the nearest centres or logon to for online registration. The exam will test students? raw potential, based on which they will be selected to pursue studies at FIITJEE & get a chance to cultivate their potential to succeed in JEE Advanced.

?Many students are indecisive and even if they chose engineering as a career, have a myth that FIITJEE is only for meritorious students and not for average ones, which is not true at all. This myth has been busted with passage of time over the years, wherein there have been innumerable instances where Students joined FIITJEE with an average potential but during their study with FIITJEE, they could increase their potential exponentially, finally making it to an IIT. For students targeting IIT?s in 2021, CURATE is the Right Platform to accomplish their aspirations,? said Mr. R. L. Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

?Wrong notion of some that FITJEE is for only excellent and talented brains has been proved wrong by past results time and again. Most of the average students have managed to crack the exam when they got perfect faculty and pattern proof study material with FITJEE. CURATE provides a perfect opportunity for the students who are aspiring to secure a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology in 2021? he further added.

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