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Newly Launched Global Parcel Forward Claim to Be One of the Best Package Forwarding Services for the UK High Street

2023-10-03 10:56:01 News & Society


Living or working abroad can have a whole load of benefits, but it also has lots of negative aspects. One of these is the struggle in getting UK products and being able to shop cheaply in UK stores. That is why Global Parcel Forward has launched its new parcel forwarding website. This is the comment of their spokesperson, Mr. Sam.

The newly launched shipping service from Global Parcel Forward is more than just a shipping service. They have designed a company that is all about getting UK brands and shops to people across the globe. How their service works is relatively simple. You register, you shop, your items get sent to a warehouse, and then sent on to you.

Here is a simple explanation, but there is a little more to it than just this. You register for a free account on their website, and you don’t actually have to pay any sort of monthly fee, you can stay at the free monthly level. Then you can start to shop. They also have a paid membership option with loads of benefits.

Once you have done your shopping you can check out online using the free UK shipping address that Global Parcel Forward provided you with. That way you avoid very costly global shipping fees, or in some cases a complete lack of an international shipping option. Then, your shopping will be delivered to Global Parcel Forward’s warehouse and they will notify you of its receipt. The final step is shipping the parcels to you. You can choose how they ship your items, but the most important part is that it can be sent anywhere in the world.

Global Parcel Forward claims to be the best parcel forwarding service provider to international shoppers, and this may be rightfully so. Why? Judging by their free monthly membership package and their premium service costing just £10 per month, the service offered is indeed what the spend. With this service they enable you to have more control. For example, you can request things are repackaged, or ask for things like shoe boxes to be removed to save on space, and you even get two free photos of your items to be sure everything is there and in good condition.

Many customers around the globe are already using Global Parcel Forward’s service. The company claim they are the only current forwarding company that has the resources, expertise, customer dedication, and global knowledge to make the whole service of shopping and spending, quick, reliable, cheap and dependable. These are big claims, but they could indeed make them the best parcel forwarding company for the UK market.

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