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Global Parcel Forward Have Launched a New UK Parcel Forwarding Service to Shop in the Uk and Ship Across the Globe

2023-09-26 05:22:51 News & Society


Sometimes you want a piece of home wherever you live in the world. Or you may want to ship a gift to a loved one living abroad. Now Global Parcel Forward has launched a new UK Parcel Forwarding Service to help you shop and send.

Why do we need a UK Parcel Forwarding Company?

Sometimes you can only find certain things in certain shops. The UK has a wonderful and unique retail scene that cannot be replicated around the world. Things like Cadbury Chocolate, Yorkshire Tea or something from Harrods just aren’t as easy to come by abroad. The UK has a multitude of wonderful shops that you won’t find anywhere in the world.

So, what does this mean for Global Parcel Forward?

They realized that something needed to be done to make the great shops of the UK more accessible for people living abroad. With so many people moving around the world or working away for long periods of time, there are a lot of people who would like to buy easily from UK shops. That is where the idea of a UK Parcel Forwarding service came from, and Global Parcel Forward was born.

How does the UK Parcel Forwarding Service work, and how can you use it?

Luckily, Global Parcel Forward have designed a relatively easy way to use their newly launched website. You can register online for a free account, choose a membership type that suits you, as well as a receiving a free UK shipping address that you can use for all of your UK online orders. Then you can get shopping! You can shop in all of your favorite stores, order what you want and get them shipped to your UK address. This can be at over 150+ UK stores, like Tesco, Liberty and John Lewis, as well as numerous smaller outlets. Once you have done the shopping and placed your order, then the parcel will arrive at Global Parcel Forward’s warehouse and they will let you know. The final step from there involves the company shipping your parcels to your international address.

What is interesting about this newly launched service is that they have a £0 free membership option, that includes free storage of your packaging, tracking, and different shipping options. But they also offer a different higher tier membership options as well. The premium membership has a £10 a month subscription price tag. Their services include things like free repacking, removal of shoe boxes, and sending photos of the items they receive. So, if you are looking for a reliable and advanced parcel forwarding service from the UK, you might want to give them a try.

For people living or traveling abroad and missing home comforts or certain brands that are only found in the UK, this new UK Parcel Forwarding option could be a lifeline for them. Global Parcel Forward have specifically launched to bring the UK high street to people across the globe.

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