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The Custom Home Builder Population Can Now Benefit From GarageTek's New "Direct To Builder" Program

2021-07-22 04:05:51 Home and Family


November 5, 2018: GarageTek Inc. of Plainview, Long Island New York, announced today that they are initiating a Direct To builder program designed to satisfy the demand for GarageTek garages and accessory items from the Custom Home Builder segment, and the Custom Remodeler.

Business Development Director Skip Barrett, a founding member of the [GarageTek]( Brand team in 2001, said at a press reception over the weekend held at GarageTek s corporate headquarters that; when we launched the brand nearly 20 years ago our focus groups asked after gaining an understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, if we had showed GarageTek to new home builders? It became a kind of joke we heard it so often! The answer was yes, of course we had! What we learned from the builders however is that until their consuming demographic explicitly asked for them to do something with the garage, they didnt need to.

Barrett went on to say that they were told by some of the larger builders that it would take GarageTek 20 years to become an established category.

We managed to do it in less than 18 years said Barrett!

Barrett explained that the combination of time on target with regards to the brands longevity, a large, nationally installed base of customers that are now moving about, and second generation customers that are building and remodeling homes around the country, have proved the predictions of the builders he saw in 2001 correct.

I have builders calling everyday now saying I have a customer that wants a GarageTek garage, how do I get one?

To fill this demand GarageTek has established a Builders Program that allows them to not only satisfy the desires of their customers, but to turn the garage space which was a cost sink, into a profit center.

We are really excited to be able to work directly with the builders and remodelers around the country, said Barrett.

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