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Merchant Processor Joins Other Businesses at Fireworks Expo Held in September

2024-07-15 06:46:45 Government


From September 10th to 14th, the Hyatt Regency, located in downtown Wichita right next to Century II, hosted the 2018 National Fireworks Association convention. The convention featured more than 100 businesses from around the world and consisted of informational seminars and demonstrations.

The National Fireworks Association, or NFA, is an organization that originates from Kansas City. The goal behind the association is to bring attention to the unfair regulations surrounding fireworks in the United States. The NFA persistently battles laws that they believe to be unjust by presenting their case to lawmakers and the masses to educate the country on what the fireworks industry could look like - booming, beautiful, but safe.

Their annual tradeshow takes place in cities all across the nation, and this year the association appeared in Wichita. Acumen Connections Inc., a local Wichita business, got to be a part of the convention, holding their own booth. The business documented the experience on their blog.

Our company attended the expo because we have a large customer base that are fireworks stands and other seasonal businesses. We wanted to get in front of other fireworks stands across the country to push our merchant processing solutions and be there to support our current customers, says Ariel Burress, Acumens Director of Marketing, on why Acumen Connections attended the event.

Acumen Connections is a payment service provider, and its no surprise that the business wanted to get out there to interact with customers and spread their name among the community.

I personally benefited from the expo by getting to talk to current customers and potential customers and learn more about their business(es). What works and doesnt work with their current merchant processing solutions, how we can be better at providing them our service and what we need to do to improve. It was also good to put a face to a name with some of our current customers and start building those relationships, Burress said of her experience at the NFA expo. I was genuinely surprised to see the market that wholesale and retail fireworks have. There are people from all over the country and all walks of life that are really passionate about fireworks and it was fun to talk to them.

Eventgoers had the opportunity to come and go as they pleased, allowing them to pick and choose what seminars they visited during their stay. The expo even offered a scheduled lunch every day, and as soon as night fell, the NFA put on product demonstrations - fancy term for a firework show - every night of the week, with a grand finale on the night of Friday, September 14th.

I wasnt able to go, but I gave my tickets to my parents. My mom was excited and my dad was reluctant. Both of them made points to call me the next day to talk about how amazing it was! There were about 10000 people there and the show lasted for a couple hours. My mom literally said it was something Ill never forget. It was amazing. Burress commented about the final fireworks display.

The company expressed only positive feelings about their time at the tradeshow. Burress was glad it took place in Wichita, saying Most of [the businesses] had never been to Wichita, so it was nice getting to promote my favorite features of Wichita, like the great restaurants and local hotspots.

Acumen Connections, like most local businesses, was grateful for the chance to show off their city. Hopefully, more events come our way in the future!

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