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Swayam Pompously Announces a Great Loot on the Whole Range

2021-07-19 10:31:00 Home and Family


Swayam is offering a flat 25% sale of every product offered over their website and to indulge in the colors of life bed sheets. The whole set of bedding with the fitted sheet, matching pillow covers, throw-pillows, cushions and the whole shebang can be owned this festive season.

Many of us always wanted to lay our hands on the entire collection of beddings or gift the kitchen set to the homemakers or our humble abode. And as the festivities surround us with happiness, rowdiness and warmth, the call for new furnishings is also in order. Swayam wishes to announce the Flat 25% sale on the whole range.

Among which are the Colors of Life bed sheets. The collection of exquisite beddings for the festival season. And as the name suggests that these are the colorful ones that happen to bring a certain liveliness to the room. This assortment is different in the ways of its color-scheme and prints.

These colorful double bed sheets intend to illuminate even the dullest of houses to well-ornate ones. These come with many prominent key points so as to make them amiable:

• They are made in the fabric of cotton that makes them not slid off during a lazy afternoon.
• The 210 thread count allows them to stay sturdy and not tear during a wash.
• Pre-tested by the Swayam team for color-bleeding and shrinkage.
• Available for customization.

This collection comes with:

1. Cushion covers- small, standard and large: so as to complete the staged look.
2. Matching pillow covers.
3. Duvet cover for that European feeling while snoozing away.
4. A 150gsm comforter with down feathers available in the single and double sizes.
5. Fitted bed sheets in different sizes.

The whole assortment comes in the matching prints and colors to make one feel incredibly special as one walks in their boudoirs. These bed covers come in very bold and vivacious colors to snare away any onlookers or peeping toms.

Buy colors of life bed sheets online to save the precious time in planning out the parties for the festivities. And that to on the Flat 25% sale. Even if one doesn’t take advantage of this and indulge in festooning their homes with Swayam’s variety, nothing further can be said.

About Us: Swayam’s range of home-fixtures is wide-spread for every home of India, be it an average or a high-classed one. Matching and color coordinated sheets with the curtains, kitchen linen sets of the aprons and gloves, table napery of runners and table cloth, all are available at sale prices.

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