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Pyari Maa: An Initiative To Restore Faith in Humanity

2024-07-16 03:55:58 Government


Pyari Maa foundation is a non-profitable organization in India working with people for elderly women and widows. It is home to several disadvantaged women. The goal of our foundation is to serve needy women in a holistic manner, encouraging them to live active, offer healthier and dignified lives and improve the quality of their life. Our team works hand-in-hand with several volunteers understanding their needs and working with and for them. Pyaari Maa foundation strives hard to provide Security and Stable environment and work towards creating serenity to the residents of Pyaari Maa.

A woman is completely dependent on her family when a husband dies a woman is shattered irrespective of the age. That stage is very painful and vulnerable. She needs to focus on her immediate requirements of her family. By sponsoring to these women it helps to meet with basic and important needs including medicines, food, education, shelter, and small business.

The significance of these activities in enhancing the lives of hundreds cannot be overstated. Our work is a small drop in an ocean of misery. Much more has to be done to enlighten several lives and bring relief to the hundreds of widows and their dependent families who are still suffering in India. Your contribution helps the Residents of Pyaari Maa lead a peaceful life providing quality life with maximum love and care.

Visit our site at to know more about our programme and activities. You can make a huge difference by helping fund any of these projects.

Support the cause of empowering poor widows in Vrindavan!

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