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Learn About Serial Cheating In Relationships From Author & Professor Angelina Wise At The Catch My Bastard Book Launch In Las Vegas

2021-10-15 11:12:07 Blogging & Social Media


Empowering others to confront and overcome serial cheating, Professor Angelina Wise with the support of Ventureous Publishing, a publisher based in Las Vegas, will launch her book Catch My Bastard", on September 22, 2018, in Las Vegas. Speaking and signing copies of her title, Wise will offer insight into her own firsthand experiences with infidelity.

Ventureous Publishing, a Las-Vegas publisher, proudly announces the launch of professor Angelina Wise's debut book Catch My Bastard. Wise, the former wife of a serial cheat, will speak about her experiences from a researched and lived perspective at the launch of her book in Las Vegas on September 22, 2018. Event attendees will not only receive a complimentary, autographed copy of the book, but also will gain valuable insight into healing and moving-on after living with infidelity.

More information and the opportunity to purchase tickets can be found at:

Angelina Wise's debut title, Catch My Bastard, is based on years of evidence-based research and takes an in-depth look at what leads to serial cheating, and how partners of cheats can stop blaming themselves for the failure of their relationship. Combining research and Wise's own experience, this powerful title empowers readers to take control of their relationships and to seek out the truth, rather than living with deceit.

Wise states serial cheating is far more common than most people realize, and her book uncovers the facts. Research studies also indicate that serial cheaters display common personality traits such as deception, jealousy, a need for more, openly flirting, and insecurity. Other characteristics may include a distorted view of reality, a lack of respect and a low moral ethic.

The book was written to help educate those who are in a relationship with a serial cheater, where it can often be difficult to shift from denial to reality. Readers who have had similar troubles to deal with in their own lives will be able to get help uncovering the strength they need to move on with their lives.

Angelina Wise shares: Catch My Bastard is the book I wish someone had written when I was with a serial cheater. It would have given me the confidence to move on and experience the life and love I deserved years earlier.

Wise hopes to help women and men who are with a serial cheater to find harmony in their lives by seeking the truth about their partners infidelity, catching their bastard, and moving closer toward the happiness that the genuinely deserve.

To find out more about Professor Wise and her new book, visit the link above. Fans also looking to connect with Angelina can visit her Facebook page at and Twitter account @awiseauthor.

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