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Kent Launches All-New Water Softener for Bathrooms

2024-05-25 06:02:23 Industry


All homeowners today, want to keep their kitchens and bathrooms looking impeccable at all times. Their fight is not limited to cleanliness, as hard and polluted water can damage both skin and hair. The damage caused by hard water can be easily controlled and managed by water softeners.

Use the new Water Softener launched by KENT, a leading healthcare products company of India, which uses the latest technologies to offer innovative solutions.

New Delhi, 13th August 2018: KENT, the leading Indian company for high-tech healthcare products, has launched the All New Water Softener for Bathrooms. The company which takes pride in its reputation for quality products has built a robust quality appliance, designed to turn hard water into soft water. The brand, which is today synonymous with health and well-being, uses the ion-exchange process, to offer the water softening appliance softener to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and your skin and hair healthy. The water softener is equipped with two pipes for input and output of water and an accessory box.

Deteriorating quality of water has become the reason for scaling, mineral deposits on tiles, taps, bathroom corners and even hair loss and unhealthy scalp. The drop in quality is because of the increased quantity of chemicals in the water such as magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). KENT water softener uses resin beads to attract the hard salts and replace them with ions of sodium (NA) and potassium (K). The efficient ion-exchange process prevents the scaling of shower, flush and tiles.

When all the Na and K particles in the resin are replaced by Mg and Ca ions, the resin is recharged with common salt, water solution. The softener is designed for indoor use and bring benefits like ? less water and detergent consumption, prevention of plumbing corrosion, and keeping the bathroom, countertops and taps sparkling clean. If you use the processed water to wash clothes, you can expect softer and cleaner clothes. Two steps of regeneration through microprocessor control are some techniques working to improve the overall quality of the water.

Water softeners soften the water so that it can be used without worrying about the faster decay of the bathroom interiors or irreparable damage to hair. The all new water softener for bathrooms by Kent is now is the perfect choice to improve the life of other appliances in both offices and homes. It is the right time for Kent to launch a compact, water purifier designed especially for the bathrooms. It is always the right time for a consumer to invest in a machine to improve the water quality and enjoy all the benefits of soft water.

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