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Francis Kim Announces App Development Courses

2021-10-16 08:14:20 Design


Francis Kim, a leading Magento developer in Australia, announces his 12-week course on coding. This course aims to teach people who are interested in coding to have a good understanding of how coding works and how they can create anything out of it. The focus of the course will be Javascript, since according to Kim, it is the most versatile language for the web and apps today.

Kim is quoted that "every website you come across will have some kind of JavaScript running on it and not only that, you can use JavaScript to create mobile apps, servers and IoT devices. Even NASA has been known to use JavaScript."

He added, "at the end of the course, you will have yourself a web app or a mobile app (or both) built on top of your idea. And you will understand how to continue developing it at your own pace, in your own time.'

For interested people in Melbourne, you can register through his website. Kim is expected to offer more course in Magento and web development in the future.

About Francis Kim

Francis Kim is a Magento Certified Developer in Melbourne and an Amazon Web Services certified Solution Architect. He has produced many Magento websites. Today the sites he has developed bring in a total of over $200M+ each year.

He also creates mobile & web apps, chatbots. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning. From Melbourne to Silicon Valley, he has consulted a handful bootstrapped and funded startups.

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