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VoteWorthy – A Fun, Political Trivia Game goes Live on iTunes and Android Play Store

2024-07-16 02:18:21 Government


Tales2Content, LLC today announced the launch of their new mobile application ? VoteWorthy. The game is now live on iTunes and also on the Google Play Store.

Voteworthy is a political trivia game, which engages the users with quizzes about the US Political Scenario ? Current affairs, political history, US Presidents, Key Candidates; as well as the current policies, practices, agenda, political gaffes and reforms.

VoteWorthy has 2 modules ? The first one includes users playing the quizzes and challenging their friends and other like-minded people to compete with them and beat their score. The second module is Fake or Fact, where the users have to segregate news in these 2 categories.

How to Play VoteWorthy?

Trivia Quiz
? Choose the quiz from the home screen of the Voteworthy app.
? Answer the questions ? correct answers will get you a place on leaderboard, while the wrong answers will lead to negative markings.
? Lifelines like 50/50 and crowd selections will help you beat your opponent.
? Play with friends and like-minded people.

Fake Or Fact
? Give your opinion on the authenticity of a news by segregating it as fake or fact

SynergyTop LLC was the development partner for VoteWorthy. The company specializes in building custom web and mobile solutions for SMEs and digital agencies.

Jatin Nahar, Founder and Director, SynergyTop shared, ?We are very happy to bring this offering to the political junkies who were looking out for new and interesting content. We believe that our application will engage and educate people, as well as entertain them.?

This compelling mobile application is now live on iTunes and also on the Google Play Store. for more details!

About Tales2Content

Tales2Content LLC is committed to educate, enable and empower voters. It strives to offer factual based information in an entertaining way for voters to make informed decisions

About SynergyTop
SynergyTop is a global software solution provider with expertise in Web and Mobile development. We partner with our clients provide end-to-end services ? from idea, to execution to maintenance.
At SynergyTop, we help our clients maximize the RoI on their technology investments. Our best-in-class advisory services bring you the perfect mix of business acumen, domain expertise, talented team, tools & accelerators and industry best practices.
SynergyTop is based out of San Diego, California and serve clients globally.
Visit or write to for any further information.

Company :-Voteworthy

User :- Vikram Malhotra


Phone :-+1-760 -5189

Mobile:- -

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