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Ownboard Release Samsung 30Q Battery for E-skateboard

2024-03-02 01:31:30 Sports


Ownboard is trying to give the best e-skateboard to the skaters. Recently, they release the Samsung 30Q Battery for the e-skateboards.

Ownboard is trying to develop their products to satisfy their customers. The latest improvement is releasing the Samsung 30Q battery. The product is a 6.0Ah battery which designed to support their main product, E-skateboard. By installing the battery, the e-skateboard is able to produce up to 30Ah power and it gives more power despite the skateboard battery is 30%. At the same time, fully charged battery condition helps the skaters to ride the skateboard better than before, especially on uphill roads. Samsung 30Q battery is also designed to give better speed for the e-skateboard for better skating experience.

As a powerful battery, Samsung 30Q battery supports the speed up to 40 km/h. Powerful lithium cells are also used to improve the discharge as well as reduce the voltage sag. The system provides the skaters constant and high-speed e-skateboard although the device is in low battery power. The indicator helps to measure the power so the skaters know when to stop to charge the e-skateboard before using it back.

Ownboard was started in 2013 and one of the products is the electric e-skateboards. The e-skateboards are designed with waterproof ESC features. The feature increases safety while accelerating and braking. The manufacturer develops a revolutionary braking system known as the regenerative braking system. The system also helps to recharge the battery anytime the skaters breaking. As the result, the skaters can use the battery effectively. One more thing which makes the e-skateboards interesting is on the stylish design along with flexible and eyes catching decks.

There are no disappointing features and the skaters are able to use the e-skateboard just like an ordinary skateboard and even better. The comfortableness is reached due to the use of a wireless remote structure. All the important features are installed there and managed well, such as the remote power, gear button, battery power indicator light, and USB charging interface. Anytime the e-skateboard running out of battery, the skaters just need to recharge it for a few hours.

Besides offering various stylish e-skateboards, Ownboard is also ready with various accessories to support the performance of the products. Several improvements have been made for better performance such as a new electric speed controller, a new battery power indicator, a new ceramic bearing, and a new connector. The idea of the improvements is to create a fun and also new skating experience, especially for the teenager or adult skaters. By keep improving the products and features, the manufacturer becomes one of the leading e-skateboard manufacturers.

About Ownboard:

Ownboard is a place where skaters are able to buy the best electric skateboards and its accessories. is developed to accommodate the needs so the skaters can find the products they want fast and easy.

For more information:

Company name: OWNBOARD Electric Skateboard

Contact name: Pheobe


Phone number: +8618018715861


Address and Zip Code: 6th Floor, Building 2, Weijie Science Park, Dalang Street

Longhua, 518109

Country and City: China, Shenzhen

Company :-Ownboard

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