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KENT Introduces Alps+ HEPA Purifier with Real-Time Air Quality Monitor

2023-03-25 05:02:54 Home and Family


New Delhi, 5th July 2018: The rising pollution levels throughout the country has made air purifiers a must-have appliance for every home and office. KENT, one of the most popular air purifier manufacturers in India, has recently introduced its first purifier with the built-in air-quality indicator. Combined with its advanced HEPA air purification technology, the new Alps Plus Purifier purifies the air faster and lets people easily monitor the quality and purity of indoor air.

Although, there are several home air purifiers available in the market, at times it becomes difficult to understand the quality of purified air. To make things easier, our new Alps Plus Purifier comes with a built-in air purity monitor and air quality indicator to keep people updated on the quality of air real time. As soon as the purifier is turned on, it uses advanced laser scattering technology to calculate the level of pollutants in the room. Once the purifier starts working, one can see the PM level falling and the air quality improving.

The Alps Plus Purifier comes with four different filtration levels- basic filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter as well as an ionizer. They suggest that the presence of ionizer in the air purifier helps improve the freshness of indoor air. It has an electronically charged plate where pollutants are trapped to keep the environment fresh and healthy.

The advanced HEPA purification technology helps remove 99.7% of the pollutants from indoor air. Combined with other filtration levels, the ionizer significantly improves the performance of the purifier and enables it to purify the air faster. User-friendly interface and pedestal mounting are some other features that set the Alps Plus apart. Those concerned about the quality of indoor air and its harmful effects on the body should definitely invest in a branded air purifier like KENT Alps Plus for their homes and offices.

About Kent
Headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, KENT is one of the top water purifier and home appliances brand in India. While the brand is a household name for its wide range of advanced water purifiers, the company now also offers a host of other products like air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances and more. By combining advanced technologies, the company is known to set new benchmarks in the industry and is widely acclaimed for its affordable pricing.

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