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Greg Warnock Plans To Take Oregon State Forward As He Runs For Senate District 11 Representation

2024-07-16 07:32:35 Government


Salem Republican Greg Warnock has formally announced that he is running for Oregon Senate, with a focus on District 11. His concern is for farmers, teachers, working families, and small business owners, and since he has no primal challenger, he will vie for the Senate seat against whomever wins the Democratic primary.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Greg Warnock grew up in Salem, and himself and his wife Shelly raised five children in the area. Oregon is their forever home, and its here that he wants to work towards making a lasting difference.

Over his time in the area, Greg has been involved in everything from little league to legislative advocacy. He and his family are concerned about the direction the state is going, and he is running for office because he believes the area cant afford four more years of the same failed leadership.

Greg says that the states progress has remained stagnant for at least a decade, and its time for a change in direction. Its for this reason that hes running, so he can lead the state in the right direction going forward.

He said: I am running for the Oregon Senate because the legislature is no longer concerned about all Oregonians. The one-party rule weve seen in Salem gives its attention to Portlands weird, urban, social democrat special interests, and ignores farmers, teachers, working families and small business owners.

He added: Salems leadership has ignored my district for many years. My decades of experience in successful program management, and bipartisan advocacy will help us all reverse this current leaderships disasters in education, infrastructure, business growth, homelessness and public safety.

The experience Greg has as a program manager, a business leader, and serving as a veterans advocate and community involvement provides the experience needed to be successful representing the people of Senate District 11.

Full details about him and his campaign can be found on the URL above.

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