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Calligraphy Collection: An Inspiration from the ancient Indian artwork by OBEETEE

2022-12-01 07:22:52 Business


New Delhi, February 2018: OBEETEE, India’s largest luxury carpet maker have partnered with designers Abraham & Thakore to present the ‘Calligraphy Collection’ as a part of ‘Proud to be Indian’ series. Calligraphy is an art with script and has a narrative that has captured the imagination of many in the past. Old handwritten letters, ink faded and smudged, calligraphic strokes evoking times past of human narratives linking the hand and the heart has been the inspiration for this collection. The beauty of this collection lies in the technical virtuosity of a hand knotted carpet, where millions of threads are individually knotted together to create the complex surface of the script in matt and sheen.

The carpets are all hand-knotted using different yarns and finishes. The finest silk has been procured and these rugs are woven with a knot density of about 200 knots per square inch.

These fine carpets tell stories of layers, colours, textures and memory with an intricacy that illustrates the skills of an ancient craft which is still being practised today in India and is weaving together the stories of skilled textile artisans and craftsmen.

Availability: Taj Khazana – The Taj Mahal Hotel, 1 Man Singh Road, New Delhi


OBEETEE is one of the largest handmade rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. OBEETEE’s outstanding quality and reputation have earned the interest of many famous and notable people. Founded as Oakley Bowden & Taylor in 1920, OBEETEE has grown to 650 permanent employees and works with 15,000 independent artisans who are engaged in weaving and processing our rugs in India. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is home to two majestic OBEETEE rugs, the largest measuring 452 square metres and containing billions of intricate knots.

OBEETEE has the greatest in-house capabilities of any rug-maker in India, thanks to their modern dyeing plant and inspired design department. The OBEETEE colour bank holds over 4,000 colour-fast shades of wool. The designers at OBEETEE constantly study new textures and fresh combinations, to ensure the production of the finest quality rugs available in India.. OBEETEE is the first company to receive the coveted SA 8000:2001 certification for Social Accountability and adheres to strict standards in every area of conduct-from working hours and collective bargaining to workers’ safety and health. The company strongly supports children education, access to sanitation, women’s economic empowerment in the villages where it operates.

Company :-Crosshairs communications

User :- Shilpi Srivastava


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