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According to Astrology Predictions by Vinayak Bhatt, Public will suffer from inflation and price-rise due to GST implementation till April 2018

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New Delhi: 15th September 2017

Proposed on December 2002, after a long journey of 14 years the single biggest ever National TAX Reform System GST finally launched in India on 1st July 2017 by NDA Government amidst resistance of public and business communities.
Almost a quarter is about to complete yet there are disputes over procedures, classification and submission of GST. Experts are still trying to understand its implications.

However, as per Indian Vedic Astrology, at the time when the GST was introduced at midnight, the Pisces sign was rising which is the 11th house of the Taurus lagna Foundation chart of India. The rising sign Pisces receiving the aspect of Jupiter and Moon from the 7th house is believed to be very auspicious for final outcome of GST.
As Mars in the 4th house of GST Muhurat chart shows that there will be some initial opposition to this Tax Reform because of Panchanga elements are not very supportive. The joint aspects of Mars and Sun at the 10th house indicates that the Government will take hard steps to catch the Tax evaders and shell companies.
8th lord Venus receiving the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn suggest the confusion of people in understanding the crucial aspects of the GST slabs. Since the 8th house of this Muhurat chart rises in its Navamsa, it will also give some unforeseen hindrances in implementation of this new Tax system.

Sun and Mars in the fourth house also suggest that people in general will suffer, due to inflation and price-rise due to GST implementation. Mars in the fourth house in Mundane charts, particularly indicate the rise in prices of various commodities.
However, the aspect of Jupiter and Moon on the ascendant shows that after a few months, the Government will reduce the rates of Taxes in GST, to give relief to the general public.

but the strength of lagna and Moon shows the huge success of GST ultimately, informs Vinayak Bhatt, Cosmic Astrologer, Vedic Grace Foundation.
The strong lagna and Moon suggest that the GST implementation will be a huge success for the government of India.

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