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GST filing and compliance at your fingertips with JioGST

2024-07-15 06:36:25 Government


The Goods & Services Tax (GST) is being considered as one of the most ground breaking tax reforms in the history of the country. Most leading economists and businesses have backed it, as it has huge potential to become a game changer for the country?s economic growth. However, there have been some protests in recent times, especially by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) regarding GST. The main grouse of SMEs is not GST, but the worries that it will increase their costs related to filing of tax returns and compliance. GST is an online system and SMEs are worried that they may not have the expertise and the financial resources to meet GST requirements.

However, SMEs need not worry about GST now, since JioGST is here to solve all their problems. JioGST is a simple, secure and affordable solution to help SMEs get GST ready, so that they can derive maximum benefits from the most pioneering tax reform in India?s history. Here are the top reasons why JioGST is the best option for SMEs in terms of getting GST ready and ensuring GST compliance.

A mobile based GST compliance solution ? No computer, software or printer needed: One of the most common complaints of SMEs is that GST would require them to invest in computer systems, printers, and someone who can operate these. These fears are quite valid, but it becomes irrelevant with JioGST, since JioGST is a mobile first compliance solution. JioGST allows SMEs to quickly update their transactions in just a few clicks. Merchants can easily generate GST billing compliant invoices directly from their mobile, using JioGST. There is no need for any computer or any accounting or billing software. Even a printer won?t be needed since JioGST will electronically file all records with the centralized GST system. Moreover, merchants can view the records anytime they want.

Get GST ready at just Rs 1,999 ? The most affordable GST Starter Kit for merchants:The JioGST Starter Kit offers the best value to merchants. A collective objection by small retailers is that GST will increase their operating costs since they will need additional data for GST filing, billing and compliance. JioGST solves this problem by significantly reducing their GST related costs. The cost of GST related services for merchants is around Rs 11,000, but JioGST Starter Kit offers all these services at just Rs 1,999 only, for an entire year. It may sound unbelievable, but this is just another example of disruptive pricing that brand Jio has come to be associated with in recent times. The JioGST Starter Kit offers JioFi Device worth Rs 1,999, Unlimited Voice calling, 24 GB of free data, complimentary 1 year Premium Access to GST filing software, complimentary 1 year Premium Access to Jio Billing Application, and unlimited access to JioGST Knowledge Series.All of these at just Rs 1,999 for an entire year!

Free access to state-of-the-art software ? No fear of being penalized: The JioGST is advanced GST compliance software that will do the hard work for you. With JioGST, you will be getting free GSP & ASP services for one year. JioGST also allows automatic population of purchase summary. Since the software is designed to be GST compliant, you need not worry about legal hassles. GST has strict rules regarding non-compliance, but with JioGST, such issues will never even arise. You will also get access to Jio Billing application, which is pre-loaded with thousands of consumer, grocery and electronic products with tax codes. You can also add your own products and catalogs. You can generate daily summary invoices for full GST compliance.

Get professional help and improve your knowledge:With JioGST, you can get professional help if needed. JioGST allows you to access thousands of JioGST empanelled tax practitioners. There might be situations when you will require the services of a tax expert and with JioGST, you can find the best one near you. You can also authorize a tax professional to file your return. Another benefit is that you will get unlimited access to JioGST Knowledge, wherein you can learn more about GST, ask experts via email, and attend industry specific seminars. JioGST Knowledge can also be used to get the latest updates related to GST and to discover new business partners and customers.
JioGST is easily available at all leading retail stores in the country. It can also be ordered through JioGST and JioFi device are designed for mobility and you can carry and use it at any location. JioGST is also available for doorstep delivery and activation in select cities. To get GST ready, all you need to do is register on

GST is surely a game changer, although there may be some implementation issues initially. JioGST has been specially designed based on the specific needs of merchants. It will certainly eliminate all your worries about GST and help you unlock its full potential.


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