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Josh Ratta Best Price Vidello Video Hosting & Streaming Marketing Program Released

2024-06-18 02:55:57 Computer


Josh Ratta recently launched Vidello, a program that capitalizes on conversational video marketing and is designed for online marketers and businesses. The new software is an advanced video hosting and marketing platform that gives users the ability to securely host and stream videos.

For more information on Vidello, visit

While many businesses choose to use YouTube for video marketing purposes because it is a no-cost service, they then must download additional add-ons, programs, and analytics in order to drive actual traffic and sales from their videos. Vidello is designed to not only create professional videos, but maximize this engagement with already built-in features.

The new program lets users secure video hosting and instant streaming without any loading time. Additionally, the a/b testing lets user run split-testing to see which marketing approach will work best. Vidello also lets users create call-to-actions that they can customize to their business' brand or style. Animations and design features, such as lower thirds and note boxes, can also be added to videos after they have been created and rendered. Advanced features and analytics also let users track their videos performance.

Users can also customize their video with video frames and borders to make the videos visually appealing on any web browser. Users select the frames tool inside the editor, browse through the range of different video frames, and instantly add the frame to their video. Another included feature is the coupon app, which lets users select pre-made templates, adjust the coupon graphics, customize the colors, and set a start and end time for the available discount.

Vidello users can also download a variety of different audio tracks, as well as upload their own audio track files to use. The software has a feature that lets users keep all their audio files in one place to make it easier to create videos with their most commonly-used tracks.

The software is user-friendly and comes with unlimited videos. Vidello gives its users 80 gigabytes a month, which translates to 20 gigabytes a week. There will also be bonuses and special offers available that include additional gigabyte storage and more during Videllos initial rollout.
For more information and pricing on Vidello, visit

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