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Sacred Science Publishes The Prandelli 2017 Forecast for The S&P 500 for Gann-Style Swing Traders

2024-06-17 11:23:54 Business


Daniele Prandelli has released the 2017 Polarity Factor Forecast for the S&P 500. Sacred Science Institute published the new release which is available now. Last year?s forecast provided excellent entry and exit points for Gann-style swing traders as shown in the graphic below.

Santa Barbara, CA, United States, March 17, 2017 -- The Sacred Science Institute announces publication of the PFS Forecast for the S&P 500 by seasoned forecaster, Daniele Prandelli. In 2016, Prandelli?s forecast delivered superb results for swing traders. Prandelli?s forecasts follow on the work of legendary market forecaster W.D. Gann?s annual forecasts which were widely recognized for their accuracy over a span of more than 30 years.

Prandelli?s 2016 forecast, produced in the fourth quarter of 2015, called for January 2016 to be a buying opportunity with an upswing into a top in April. He then forecasted a swing low in May or June, which in fact occurred at the end of June. His general forecast then called for a top in August with an uncertain sideways pattern into late October or early November. The forecast then pinpointed a significant buying opportunity in late October as noted in the overlay of the forecast versus actual 2016 prices.

Prandelli also forecasted nine key short-term ?push? dates consisting of seven short term upswings and two short term down swings. All nine occurred on the dates forecasted as shown on the third chart on the Sacred Science 2016 forecast review page. In 2017, the forecast lists eight such ?push? dates.

Prandelli discovered the proper conversion factors for each market he forecasts. These factors were never disclosed by W.D. Gann. Any trader or researcher can produce accurate time and price projections by applying Prandelli?s methods. The resulting forecasting methodology delivers modern traders the clear and incisive forecast needed in this time of overwhelming volumes of data. In addition to the S&P 500 forecast for 2017, he also produced a 2017 Grains Forecast for Corn and Soybeans.

About Daniele Prandelli:
Daniele Prandelli is a young and dedicated market researcher and trader. He is an excellent example of the new generation of Gann analysts, who look to their elder researchers for direction, while simultaneously approaching the subject with an open mind. He discovered a different approach with a deeper insight to the Gann materials. As a result, he offers readers the practical tools they need to become successful traders.

About Sacred Science Institute:
The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, research institute dedicated to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in all fields of technology, science and philosophy.

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