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TVC Mall Sells Now Samsung and Apple Phone Accessories on Both Wholesale and Retail Basis

2024-05-20 08:13:52 Business


China - TVC Mall, an ecommerce store that is in itself a one-stop store for gadgets and accessories, recently announced that they are now selling both Samsung and
Apple phone accessories on wholesale and retail basis. The e-store now sells accessories for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and all other Apple phones as well as of Samsung and many other brands. The owners of the e-store said that selling the phone accessories on wholesale and retail basis would help them in reaching out to more customers, both the individuals as well as B2B buyers.

?We have also launched a range of Android phone accessories for Samsung and other brands only this month. We hope that our exhaustive collection of phone accessories would put a stop to the frantic search that many retailers and ordinary and individual customers undertake while they are in a need of quality and compatible phone accessories for their gadgets?, said the sales and marketing head of TVC Mall during a recent trade fair.

The trade fair, which was held in Shanghai, was also the platform for TVC Mall to launch a series of mobile phone accessories which has just arrived. The owners said that the newly launched Samsung phone accessories and other sorts of accessories have generated investor interest and they have received a slew of trading proposals from prospective investors over the past one week.

Besides the Shanghai trade fair, TVC Mall also participated in the 2016 HongKong trade fair. The CEO of TVC Mall led the team there himself, he said that they are optimistic about further growth and presence in the wholesale market, each trade fair meant a fresh new opportunities for their business. He thought the only weakness that may hold back the growth speed of TVC Mall would be their supply chain and logistic system. Therefore, TVC Mall had made some efforts optimizing their supply chain for months and the progress had been promising.

?TVC Mall has its commitment to both the infidel buyers and the retailers. We know many of the accessories we sell are not available in the aftermarkets as these are all quality Samsung and Apple phone accessories that made by branded manufacturers. At the same time, we are also committed to make shopping an enjoyable and cost-saving affair for the individual buyers who visit our e-store to buy mobile phone accessories for various brands every day. We always strive to strike a balance between cost, quality and afer-sales services?, he was quoted by local press.

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TVC Mall is an ecommerce store selling digital products and accessories.

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