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Trucksuvidha’s Mobile App for Online Transportation Facility Is Now in the Field across India

2024-07-15 09:47:55 Government


TruckSuvidha- Think Ahead, brain child of two, one of whom is an established Businessman and second was a settled Software Engineer. It?s a continuous effort of duo aims at bringing the unorganized transportation industry to the online platform and makes it an organized sector to the extent possible.
Trucking industry comprises the major chunk of the transportation sector in India, but is highly unorganized. TruckSuvidha aims at bringing a revolutionary change in this sector by connecting this industry with internet and providing every related entity, directly or indirectly with this industry, a technological upliftment.
TruckSuvidha acts as an intermediary between the transport industry and the end user, i.e. Customer. It provides the facility of Truck Post, Load post, Load Board, Truck Board, Distance Calculator, Directory and many other benefits to transporter and customer. It provides one stop freight solution to every user. Registration can be done on just one click by Transporter and Customer. Connectivity of load and truck was never as easy as it is with Customer can choose city, date, material and truck type according to the requirement and TruckSuvidha always try to fulfill the requirement as per the need on time.
Now TruckSuvidha has touched another milestone by introducing TruckSuvidha App. A mobile based online platform is now with every smart phone holder. It is just bringing the entire transport industry in user?s hand, just a click away from the customer and the transporter. TruckSuvidha App provides all the facilities, one gets using website, in more easy way. As this app is user friendly and can easily access by anyone anytime. One need not to be a computer savvy to use TruckSuvidha. It?s a very light Application, loaded with all the features which website is providing. Whether a login or sign up user, one can easily connected with TruckSuvidha through this App.
In conversing with Mr. Amit Punaini, Co-founder of TruckSuvidha, he stated that, ?within 2 years TruckSuvidha is able to capture the market and receive good feedback from the customers and the transporter. Currently, 16460 transport contractors, 10794 fleet owners, 7415 commission Agents, 1816 Transport Brokers are connected with us. These numbers are good and increasing rapidly but still we have just touched a part of industry. It is on market?s demand and expectations that we are coming with this App and trying to minimize the gap between the transporter and the customer. We are the leading provider of online transportation services and unbeatable by anyone. We always try to serve our customers with something new and hence come up with this Application.?
TruckSuvidha always aims to bring change in transportation and related entities lives and their efforts are giving fruits, of which TruckSuvidha App is a result. Be with TruckSuvidha and witness this historical change in Indian Transportation industry.
For Installing this App click on:

Company :-TruckSuvidha

User :- Shilpa Mahajan


Phone :---

Mobile:- 0-8882080808

Url :-

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