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Reliance Finishing Introduces New Powder Coat System

2022-12-05 08:47:46 Business


Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 03, 2016: Reliance Finishing is proud to announce it is adding a new powder coat system. Ever since the company’s inception in 1954, Reliance Finishing has delivered outstanding results to all of its clients. The company has been operational for several decades, primarily due to its ability to adapt to change in technology and customer requirements over time.

Reliance Finishing is putting in a brand new “turnkey” powder coat system, which includes a five stage online wash, dry off oven, temperature and humidity controlled application room, IR boost and convection cure oven. The part window measures 5’ ½ H X 3’ ½ W x 12’ L. The new powder coat system is ready and expected to be operational by the first of August 2016.

Reliance Finishing is a fourth generation family owned business. The company has multiple process lines for both powder coat and liquid paint applications. The company also offers plastisol and thermal deburring. They strive to be the benchmark in the industry that customers compare others to.

Reliance Finishing strives to provide a quality product with zero defects every time. The company has invested its time wisely and has become a leader in liquid, powder and plastisol coatings, which in return, has ensured their dedication and longevity.

Anyone interested in learning about the new powder coat system can find out more by calling Reliance Finishing at 616-241-4436 or by visiting them online at

About Reliance Finishing: Reliance Finishing is a production finishing company that services the residents of the Grand Rapids area. They offer a variety of options for their customers, including the new powder coat system and their existing liquid paint applications. They also offer plastisol coating and thermal deburring.

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