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Improving Driver Recruitment in a Difficult Market! Live Webinar by AudioSolutionz

2024-07-15 09:47:57 Government


AudioSolutionz, the country?s trusted source of industry enhancing information is conducting a webinar on Effective ways of maximizing recruiting effort in the trucking industry where expert speaker Mark Dixon, on Thursday, July 21, 2016 will explain how to fill up empty truck driver seats.

Paying attention to retaining good truckers? Do it now, before it?s too late!

Facts and figures all point at the fact that there are only a few drivers who take pride in the firms they are hauling for. Clearly, this attitudes explains why there is such a large turnover in the trucking industry ? ranging often above 90%, or 75% or more where smaller carriers are involved. With an estimated amount of $5000 required to recruit a new driver, retention doesn?t only mean getting the right thing done from the drivers but is also a part of a sound business plan.

AudioSolutionz, the country?s leading source of business enhancing information, will host a webinar titled ?Effective Driver Recruiting in a Difficult Market? on Thursday, July 21, 2016, where expert speaker Mark Dixon will talk about effective methods that will help in maximizing the company?s truck driver recruitment effort. The program will cover various insider tips and unknown potential markets, and explain how to use them.

Here are 3 useful tools and tips which help driver retention.

  1. Honest Recruitment: It is important to be honest from the beginning while recruiting drivers, directly or through recruiters. The management should be crystal clear about what it wants from the drivers i.e. work hours, home-time, work responsibilities and pay. If drivers are recruited under false pretenses, they are bound to be disappointed as they didn?t get the expected. With social media in everybody?s hand, the unhappy driver might choose to vent his/her feelings via Facebook and Twitter, and that might have far reaching consequences.

  2. Fostering Culture of Respect in the Family: Are the drivers well respected in the organization, including the operations department? Most drivers feel that they are working in an ?us vs. them? environment, with the drivers mostly at the loser?s side. Attention must be paid to strengthen respect, strong communication and professionalism between dispatchers and drivers.

  3. Keeping an Open Line of Communication: It is not often that senior management sits down to have a chat with drivers. It is necessary for drivers to feel validated and heard, and the time spent with drivers is time well invested. This is because drivers meet customers directly, and retaining the best drivers is simply smart business. Organizations should use survey tools to note their feelings.

Tips like this and programs such as Truck driver retention always helps. Creating a great working environment for drivers spreads the word, and helps organizations pick the best talent on the road. AudioSolutionz, the country?s leading industry enhancing information provider is conducting a webinar on Thursday, July 21, 2016 where expert speaker Mark Dixon will be talking about effective methods that will help in maximizing company?s effort towards truck driver recruitment.

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