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Mayank Kaushal Launches A Crowd Funding Campaign On INDIEGOGO For The Film The Darkest Alley

2024-04-08 09:34:33 Business


Even though many people look for opportunities to fund the indie films, it has always been more than perturbing to find the opportunities. All such worries come to an end Mayank Kaushal launches a crowd funding campaign on INDIEGOGO for their film The Darkest Alley. Being inspired from a short deep web story launched by YouTube Corpse Husband, the film will be the debut work for Mayank and his cousin Rohit. Being students of Engineering and Business, they share the common passion of filmmaking and have been teaching themselves about every aspect surrounding film making, from video editing to sound design. Even though they have worked on some client projects, they see this project as the ultimate opportunity to get started for the long journey of showcasing skills. While watching the video in YouTube, they actually got flooded with ideas when they started to think about how nice it would have been if that video was executed in short film format, and that is where they got started. Finally when they came up with the final script, they actually had to start working hard to come up with funds for the shooting of the project. As they set a budget of $5000 including some equipment that they already had, they have been working hard to come up with the money. However, they are still in need for funds for payments to be made to the actor and props as well. They take pride in being able to all of the editing, visual effects and stunt work themselves. Increasing the value of the production with better equipment and scenes is the prime imperative for them.

They have already been able to raise $311 of $1450 with the help of 7 backers. Even though there will be a lot of spots for unpaid extras, roles filled with quality talents are still much required. That is why they are looking for any contribution with these two focus areas of equipment rental and assistance for the payments to be made to the actors.

In order to acknowledge the contributions of the backers, they are also planning to offer some perks to the backers. One can back the project with any amount ranging from $5 to $1000. The featured pack that one can get for $50 includes a signed custom designed shirt with movie artwork, the backer?s picture within the movie (on posters throughout school and other signs and billboards, his or her name in the credits, access to the free movie stream a week before it goes live to the general public and 4 high quality stickers with artwork from the movie and a full sized movie poster. They are also offering a secret perk that allows one to be featured in the movie.

About The Darkest Alley:
The Darkest Alley campaign launched by Mayank Kaushal on INDIEGOGO is basically a campaign that is looking for funds for equipment rental and assistance for the payments to be made to the actors.

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The Darkest Alley


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