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Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operates By Ben Mandell Hits #1 On Amazon

2024-06-08 09:13:29 Business


Many people love Uber as the first choice for their taxi service.? Many people also look forward to joining Uber, as a driver, to make some extra money.

In order to make everyone aware of what is happening with Uber, Author Ben Mandell introduces his book, Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operates.

Everybody Loves Uber has become a number 1 best seller on Amazon.

Unraveling the hidden details for one to have a better understanding of intricate issues that surround this disruptive service, the author has taken on the task to examine the important aspects of Uber.

With his in-depth research and analysis, Ben seeks to dissect the real Uber which is considered to be the most revolutionary advancement in modern transportation history.

Examining the needs of everyone from Uber drivers to enthusiasts and pretty much anyone else who is interested in Uber, this book offers a detailed look at how financial issues have been affecting Uber drivers which in turn will soon impact the company itself.
One of the reader?s comments, ?A sustainable business model should be Win Win-Win for everyone.? This book opens your eyes about what is going on with Uber. The writing style is very fast and entertaining. I was considering driving part time for Uber and am very glad that I read this book.? Such testimonials are the true reflection of how this book has become a number one best seller.

Ben also details the alarming fact that many Uber drivers fail to make the minimum wage, often work uninsured, and have to pay for 100% of the Uber vehicle costs. This poverty wage situation can only be solved when the Uber customers,? managers and legislators? call for action and help stop ruinous litigation by safeguarding both drivers' and customers' rights.

About Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operate:
Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operate, authored by Ben Mandell, offers explosive truths and unique vision that helps everyone understand how Uber really operates.

The book is available wherever books and e-books are sold.? It is available as both an e-book and as a printed version. ?

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