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Indias Youngest Film Producer Raushan Jha Launches His First Movie LOVE ALIVE

2024-05-22 02:20:47 Business


Finding producers for pursuing the dream of making films is not easy at all in this jam-packed industry, and Raushan Jha makes it possible and launches LOVE ALIVE as Indias youngest film producer. The film that is scheduled to be launched in 2016, features Raushan Jha as the lead actor, and aims to provide the audience with the flavor of film miles away from what the films today offer. Striving to serve the audience with the quality acting, the Bollywood Actor has also penned the story of LOVE ALIVE which has been critically acclaimed by many in the industry. Being an actor, Raushan Jha is not only an actor by passion, but also is a producer by default, and undoubtedly has been showing his passionate craftsmanship in writing. Raushan Jha also founded Sunaao Music from the urge of providing quality music to the audience, and this enthusiasm makes him one of the brightest stars today in the galaxy of Bollywood.

Based in Mumbai, this youngest film producer does more than one can do in a day with continuous inputs for the betterment of his productions, and takes the entire load on his shoulder in order to achieve the goal of providing entertainment to the viewers round the world with quality films. With the increasing number of fan following Raushan Jha remains one of the widely searched actors and producers, and the awards that he received for his excellence make him the most successful producer of all time.

This youngest film producer of India takes pride in having tea of the best blend, and is fond of listening music and surfing internet. While the LOVE ALIVE is just about to hit the theaters in 2016, Raushan Jha prepares himself for a long strenuous flight to sustain.

About promotes Raushan Jha who is not only Indias youngest film producer, but also a terrific actor, and launches his first film LOVE ALIVE that is to hit the theaters in 2016.

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