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New book on the Bible by writer Michael Cohen set to make waves

2024-07-14 04:27:50 Business


Australia based paranormal writer Michael Cohen has been known for bringing to light a very long list of sensational Paranormal and alien events. According to his Wikipedia entry, The Huffington Post crowned him ?The new P.T Barnum of the modern era?. His more well known stories include footage of an alien found in the snow in Siberia and a Woolly Mammoth discovered crossing a river, also in Siberia. The Mammoth turned out to be fake. Cohen noted ?Experts far greater than me have been fooled?.

Cohen has now moved from strictly paranormal stories and has spent the past few years delving into biblical and spiritual mysteries. His goal: To discover secret and unknown ancient books which shed light on the origins Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

?Obviously hunting for such books is extremely difficult and requires expertise on the topic and knowledge of where to look? he notes. Cohen is now confident that he has found some mind-blowing material destined to alter our knowledge on religion.

One line of investigation Cohen has pursued relates to a hardly known religion that is still practiced by a few thousand adherents in Iraq and Iran. The religion is known as Mandaeism or by its more ancient name 'Sabianism'. According to Cohen this faith is the root of all three Monotheist faiths and most of Bible legends. The religion itself is not Monotheist.

?Mandaeism is passed on one generation to the next and has never allowed any converts, sacred texts are fiercely guarded from outsiders?. Cohen claims to have managed to get a peak into some of the most secret Mandaean texts.

Other source of secret knowledge are ancient and medieval Jewish texts or parts of texts that were hidden by Jews from church sensors and even from most Jews. ?With a bit of knowledge on this topic and the right contacts these writings can be tracked down. Usually covered in dust in a basement of an old Synagogue?.

Cohen is currently writing a book on his findings. Some of the more startling revelations:

Abraham was named after a Persian and Indian deity and spent his youth serving in a Sabian temple. When he was expelled for not agreeing to engage in sexual acts he regarded as immoral, he founded his own new faith.

Secret Sabian texts claim the city of Sodom was not a place of wickedness but a spiritual centre of the old Sabian faith. The people of Sodom engaged in peaceful and consensual free love including homosexuality as a method of worship.

Hidden Jewish texts claim that Jesus was hung on a tree though didn't die? he was secretly sent to live with Hebrew colonists in what is now France where he married, had children and even wrote a book.

?My goal is not to attack or disprove religion? notes Cohen ?rather, in this time of religious conflict to show how we are all united by these traditions and no one group has the monopoly on truth?.
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Sounds like a lofty ambitions, but many will be wishing Cohen luck.

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