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Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project – for pest management on major crops in Maharashtra

2022-08-16 02:27:52 Politics


The project was undertaken in the backdrop of severe outbreak on soybean crop during 2008-09 in Maharashtra that resulted into crop losses over an area of 9 lakh ha (i.e.63% of sown area) causing losses to tune of Rs.1,392 crore. State Government had given compensation worth Rs.450 crore to the farmers. Team of experts deputed by Government of India submitted their observations and recommendations. An initiative was taken by the Commissionerate of Agriculture in technical collaboration with NCIPM, New Delhi to formulate long-term strategy to deal with situation. First time in the country, a multi-stakeholder project involving Crop Research Institutes of National level, State Agriculture Universities and State Department of Agriculture was prepared and implemented through RKVY. Effective use of ICT was made in the project. Scientific pest monitoring on real-time basis was first time made possible in the country. The project covers entire area under Rice, Soybean, Cotton, Tur and Gram crop. The area coverage under project is 112.19 lakh hectares.

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