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SPACIO reveals timeless sculpture in ceramics from Gardeco

2019-10-15 05:14:07 Business


Spacio reveals the elegant body language of cats caught in two figurines in ceramics designed by artist Sofia Speybrouck from Gardeco. The cats are named as Darius and Suri. Sofia Speybrouck is a Flemish artist who lets herself be inspired by nature and her immediate surroundings. Her newest creation, two playful figurines called Darius and Suri, stems from the love for her two cats. The composition of lines, surfaces and
perspectives – all in one single clay plate – totally embodies the individuality of both cats: Darius is his serene and calm self, which is a stark contrast to the boisterous shenanigans of his sister Suri. Despite these differences in character, both cats exude that typical elegance they are known for – a feature that in fact shapes their strengths.

Unveiling the ceramic décor pieces, Praveen Kanodia, Managing Director, Spacio says “Spacio is pleased to house Darius and Suri, an elegant and a perfect statement piece in ceramics for interiors to add warmth and artistry.”

About Gardeco
The company was founded in September 1999 with only one objective: bringing affordable pieces of art to a broader public. Gardeco is a Belgian-based company, offering handcrafted pieces from around the world, selling in stores throughout the world. Their goal is to introduce well-talented designers to a broader audience via exclusive shops, design stores, museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers. It is part of their mission to expand their collections of art and accessories with new ranges and work of new designers on
a very regular basis. At the moment, Gardeco showcases the talent of a number of European and South American artists. From the pure line of ceramic sculptures, to the sophisticated bronze sculptures, without forgetting the exquisite glass work and the environmentally conscious paper art. Every piece is unique and handcrafted with care and dedication.

SPACIO is a leading luxury boutique store chain for interior and decor accessories in India. ‘Seeing is believing’ is the philosophy of SPACIO. The SPACIO stores are carefully designed as ‘Experience’ stores, housing some of the celebrated international decor brands and exotic collections that redefine the existing perceptions about Indian home & decor market. With stores located in Kolkata and Mumbai.

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