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Cryptocurrency ATM Now Means Faster Funds

2019-08-26 05:33:27 Business


Where do you get cash fast for your cryptocurrency? In today\'s electronically driven world, everyone expects to have everything immediately. The same holds true for exchanging your cryptocurrency for cash. If you need to sell your cryptocurrency fast, you can now go to ATM machines.

Cryptocurrency ATM machines are very similar to traditional bank models. The manufacturers have purposely duplicated the style so that when people use the bitcoinATM they are already familiar with the process and the feel. Although the transaction may be slightly different, the process is easy to follow.

One company that operates ATM cryptocurrency machines is CoinFlip. CoinFlip was started by Daniel Polotsky in Illinois. He was attempting to use an older model cryptocurrency exchange machines, but found the experience unpleasant to say the least. The transaction was cumbersome, and he finally had to resort to old school person-to-person trading in order to complete the transaction.

They say that necessity is the mother of all creation, and in Polotsky’s case, this held true. He went on with his team to create CoinFlip. These ATMs can handle various types of crypto cash from the well-known Bitcoin, Tron, and Litecoin. At this point, CoinFlip’s ATMs are popping up across the United States, and Polotsky and his crew stay on top of the legal issues, as they are constantly moving for this commodity.

Coinflip’s cryptocurrency ATMs are monitored by FinCEN and money service businesses. There are many regulations and legal entities to follow in order to successfully get a crypto ATM business up and running. CoinFlip keeps track of the altering regulatory landscape as the currency becomes more readily accepted, and they ensure the cash flow is adequate for their machines.

In order to sell your form of cryptocurrency at an ATM machine all you have to do is to first locate one. There are several apps and online services that help you find the machines. Once you have found the machine, you will be prompted to select either buy or sell. The next screen you will be sent to will ask how much money you want to exchange for.

Various machines will have different dollar amounts that range from $20, $50, to $100. Once you have prompted the machine, you will receive a QR code. This is your address where you need to send your cryptocurrency to exchange. The receipt or machine will also let you know how much the exchange rate is in order for you to get your requested dollar amount. At this time, you must wait for the transaction to be authenticated before the machine will dispense the cash. When it has been authenticated, you can head back to that ATM and redeem your voucher by scanning the receipt, then the machine will be dispense your funds right there.

Because of these fast and convenient exchanges, will cryptocurrency become more and more popular? The ATM machines are located in malls and other public arenas throughout the states and internationally. Once a user experiences the ease of the transaction, they may just start to use the ATMs frequently.

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