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Amplify Ventures Ltd presents the most online secured document transmission platform iFax App

2019-08-25 10:29:18 Computer


Businesses around the globe have quickly realized the sincerity of threats related to sending and receiving documents in an unsecured fashion. Many such instances have come to light that makes an institution rely on only the best online fax service provider such as iFax app. Especially, when it comes to handling ePHI (Personal Health Information) which is to be kept secured and protected due to its sensitive and confidential nature under the GLBA and HIPAA compliant guidelines, you need a trustworthy fax service to send and receive faxes online conveniently. iFax app adhering to all the guidelines laid down by HIPAA and following utmost secured practices to keep their customer’s faxes encrypted to protect the said sensitive information and content of the fax by encrypting them.

iFax quickly became imperative when it came to internet fax services online with its amazing features that ultimately adds up to any business’ productivity. Instantaneously, we were able to grab a moment of the CEO, i.e, Mr Adam Korbl, at an event where he humbly replied, “I take this stage to sincerely thank you to our customers who have made iFax, a success. We have reached 5 million+ satisfied users and assure you that iFax team is constantly striving to provide better services”.

Ofcourse, there are multifarious reasons for iFax to attain this benchmark in the world of mobile fax machines or online fax service or internet fax services. Not only the said company offers you free fax number but also wants their customer to try the app first with a 7 days free trial period offer so that they can decide for themselves. Moreover, they have expanded their services to cater to all the mobile platforms i.e, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

The most recent insight into the company allowed us to know that there is support available for Apple Watch & Android Wear and the web. What more a user want than to be able to send and receive faxes online anywhere, anytime even while they are on the go.
iFax makes it as easy as possible with its simple user interface to send new fax online from mobile or computer. A quick comparison between the best online fax apps showed iFax app with the highest positive result with its cutting edge features and inbound and outbound fax statistics. Not only iFax addresses the need for budding startup entrepreneurs or small business owners but also has customized solutions ready for large corporates. All in all, it stands true to its mark of being the lowest cost way to send and receive a fax.

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About the company:

With over a decade now with the iFax app, the company has grown into a whole team of skilled professionals who are well adept in knowledge and skills to provide solution pertaining to their product and/or service related. Amplify Ventures Ltd is registered in England & Wales. For more info about the company, you can either click on the ‘Contact Us’ or visit their Terms & Conditions’ page on the website.

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