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Coinjoker moves into the era of ERC20 token creation

2021-10-24 09:24:08 Business


As ERC20 tokens are most widely used token standard for ICO’s, these tokens are most needed for the business ventures. This ERC20 token standard has provided leeway for ICO business through which the desired results can be attained. Thus it proved to be very much useful for the blockchain based business ventures.

For those who are going to create their own blockchain project which are in need of funding, token creation will be very much helpful that it can expand the functionality and acts as a right option. To make better security for your ICO crowd funding, Create erc20 token with standard algorithm from the renowned erc20 token development company!

Coinjoker has recently released the platform functionality with enterprise-grade security, that allows the business entrepreneurs to create ERC20 tokens in a completely decentralized way. They are providing a great services to ICO campaigns and protect your digital assets/ tokens at any cost.

Specifications of ERC20 token development

Atomic swap - The atomic swap feature will enable the tokens of same standard to swap from one form to another.

Minimum time and cost - The ethereum tokens can be generated and launched on the market with minimum time and low investment.

Solidity - ERC20 tokens are created with solidity syntax for implementing smart contracts on the blockchain platform.

Smart contract development - The token uses complicated code in a simplified way for developing smart contract.

Compatible and Unique tokens - The Token generated can be in the form of unique name and symbol and these erc20 tokens can be integrated in any systems.


Coinjoker is a leading bitcoin exchange development company based in India, serving clients throughout the world. Specialising in building cryptocurrency exchange PHP software, cross-platform digital asset exchange, Coinjoker has remained a respected crypto solutions provider since 2014. For further information on how Coinjoker can benefit your business please contact the team today.

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