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Lack of Sexual Education leading to more incidence of AIDS, Finds the Study

2020-06-05 05:57:27 Health and Fitness


On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Velocity MR, a leading market research and analysis company announced the results of their pan India study to understand awareness levels around the universally feared disease AIDS. The study featured a sample size of 2,432 covering prominent Indian metros including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

The study threw up some interesting facts about the disease in India and found that commemorating World AIDS day itself goes a long way in managing the disease.

Highlights of the Study

* There is a strong belief amongst the people, 8 of every 10, that India lacks in providing sexual education which may, in turn, lead to the occurrence of various sexually transmitted diseases

* Almost every respondent is well aware of the key reasons for the spread of AIDS. So, there are very few misconceptions related to the spread of the disease

* 2 in every 5 believe that there is not adequate awareness of the usage of condoms with regards to preventing AIDS

* Respondents feel that commemorating such days would eventually help creating awareness about the cause/disease

* 8 in every 10 respondents believe that it is important to have sex education in schools and colleges as a measure to prevent AIDS

* 3/4th of the respondents state that awareness of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS should be imparted through strong online platforms such as social media and also the Govt. should take initiative by holding camps etc.

* 9 out of every 10 respondents are well aware of the basic knowledge of AIDS

* A majority of the respondents (81%) know when the ‘World AIDS Day’ is being commemorated

* As Amitabh Bachchan is associated with a host of social causes, people visualize him the most, to be the Brand Ambassador for AIDS awareness and Prevention campaign

* 1 in every 2 respondents believe that some of the top condom brands like Durex, KS, Manforce & Kohinoor help spread AIDS awareness

* A mere 4 out of 10 people claim that they are completely aware of the various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

* 1/3rd of the parents (36%) address their children’s sex-related queries. Parents also go to books or send their kids to sex education camps

* 10% of the parents leave sex education to the school

* 5% of the parents have not taught/ didn’t feel the need of teaching their children about ‘Sex Education’ and its consequences

Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR noted: “World AIDS Day was first observed on December 1, 1988, to bring greater awareness to HIV, as well as to commemorate those affected by the disease. Today, it is regarded as the longest-running disease awareness initiative of its kind in the history of public health. Since those early years, the epidemic has changed enormously and so, too, has the global agenda. Today, the greatest focus has been placed on for the universal testing and treatment of all people living with the disease, increasing the number of persons requiring the therapy.”

He further adds, “Like our study suggests there is a greater need today than ever to drive awareness around this growing endemic from the grass root level. Only 40% of the people that we polled were fully aware of the various STD’s and its implications. The government and the establishment on their part need to take more initiative to drive awareness around this in remote parts of India considering we are one of the most populous countries in the world.”

About Velocity MR

Velocity MR is a tech-savvy insights provider with a Global Presence, providing Proprietary Panels, Real web-based CATI, a Strong Field Force, Responsive Client Servicing capabilities and is armed with sophisticated Research Capabilities. Velocity is today one of the youngest and highly tech-oriented research companies globally. In a world where unstructured data is flowing in all directions, understanding distinctive consumer behavior towards brands is getting tougher and tougher. Being a part of Cross Marketing Inc. Tokyo has some of the finest brains in the industry along with the best available technology platforms to deliver world-class research solutions to clients. The integration of technology coupled with high-quality data imparts speed, hence providing a ‘Quick turnaround time’ in collating, analyzing and interpreting research data.

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