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Voice Broadcasting Solution for Real Estate Industry has become exceedingly a vital portion in CRM

2019-06-17 12:30:27 Computer


The marketplace is driven by consumers nowadays, and the fundamental belief about business is that the satisfied customers are always a loyal customer. Though many businesses rely on the telephone calls and inbound feedback from consumers to manage the complaints or questions, sending outbound information to customers to inform them of new products, promotions, services, and policies can be an essential part in developing an effective customer relationship.

Though many companies believe a successful implementation of the voice broadcasting solution for real estate can be time-consuming and cost prohibitive. The elevation of customer service has risen its bar to IVR solution has made the aforementioned solution available to both small and big organization to allow you to effectively and quickly send out the message to the consumers.

According to a recent report from Datamonitor on the outbound communications, if more companies utilize outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to improve customer service and reduce cost. the voice broadcasting solution for real estate market will be more than twice from the estimated $213 million in the year 2008 to $524 million in the year 2013 in North America only.

With Voice Broadcasting you can personalize your message to meet your specific needs, can trigger event and you can quickly modify them so that when an event happens, you can attend to your customer's needs quickly. Here are a few examples of how Voice Broadcasting can pass an essential message to your customers.

Voice Broadcasting need is driven by a vital event where they need to quickly need to spread the word. Studies showed that telephone calls are far more effective than sending an email or sending the standard mail to get the attention of customers. Notwithstanding, calling a large number of the customer requires a real investment in both personnel and technology.
Voice Broadcasting is the most affordable channel to communicate with customers and provides a service that live agents cannot achieve in term of cost-effectiveness.

Voice Broadcasting solution also, offer greater flexibility when it comes to conveying the message to your customers. Most Voice Broadcasting solution allow you to pre-schedule your announcements and enable your organization to get in touch with your customers during out of office time when the live agents are not available. Therefore, customers can be contacted even at home after their working hours when they are free to answer calls. Voice Broadcasting also provides the flexibility that allow organizations to provide the separate message for live calls versus voicemail calls or answering machine calls, with built-in AMD (Answering Machine Detection), the solution which differentiates between the two and plays the relevant message to ensure your consumer receive your message whether the call is answered or not.
Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd offers a multi-tenant voice broadcasting solution development is an advanced automated. It offers state-of-the-art features hence is best suited for small to big sized enterprises. Our voice broadcasting solution is very simple and easy to integrate and use. Our breathtaking digital voice messaging solution saves 30% -70% cost compared to hiring voice agents. Voice broadcasting software is the most appropriate to reach out for people at remote locations.
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