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Elite Screens Inc. Announced the Launch of its Aeon AUHD Acoustically transparent Screen

2020-06-06 12:30:19 Technology


Elite Screens proudly announce the latest iteration – The Aeon AUHD acoustically transparent Screen projector screen. This is the latest innovation in projection technology. The Aeon UHD series uses an edge-free design to maximize your output in minimum space. It features the acoustic pro UHD material which is designed to complement in-wall speakers by allowing the music and sound through the sheet of the screen while reducing the attenuation and creates a flat enough surface for watching 4k – UHD projector content.

If you have a projector or have been using one for some time, you already know the importance of a good projector screen. A projector screen is often the limiting factor when it comes to the quality of the projected image. The official spokesperson for Elite Screens said, “When you are setting up a high-end projection system, the importance of a high-quality projector screen cannot be underestimated. A high-quality screen can literally take your picture quality to next level. At Elite Screens Inc. we pay special attention to this and all our research and development is focused on one thing and one thing only i.e. to maximize the picture quality.”

You can have the world’s best projector but if you don’t have the projector screen to match it you will be losing on a lot of quality that you paid for. Certainly, you wouldn’t want that. And for that reason companies like Elite Screens work hard to bring you the best quality projector screens to maximize the output of your projection system and have a theatre experience at home or have the best presentations in your workspace. One of the main reasons that people refrain from getting projectors even when they have so many benefits over traditional flat screen monitors is because of the aesthetics. Most projector screens are quite bulky and don’t go with the overall aesthetics of people’s homes.

Further on the topic, the spokesperson explained, “At Elite Screens, we believe that functionality doesn’t have to compromise on design and beauty and that is the reason we have built this wonderful EDGE Free panel that uses internal frame with a wrap-around material. Not only will it make your viewing experience better, but it will also improve the look of your room since this projection screen looks like a big flat screen monitor with minimal bezels. This is not all, to improve the picture quality The Acoustic Pro UHD is a 1.0 gain moire-free self-supported transparent projection screen material. It is made up of a dense perforated weave that is transparent and is compatible with Ultra-high Definition/4K resolutions while mitigating light penetration for a better picture and allowing sound waves with the least attenuation making it the best option for your projection system.”

About Elite Screens:

Elite Screens Inc. Elite Screens Inc. is a US based company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Maryland, Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, and Australia. Elite is an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing retail, commercial and home-theater projection screens for the specific needs of these three sales channels.

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