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Lamborghini Broward also hosts special drives and brunch events for ultra-luxury and exotic car owners.

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Featuring incredible Luxury, Sports, Classic, Exotic, Super and Hyper Cars. Every second Saturday of the month. Brought to you by Lamborghini Broward, a division of Warren Henry Auto Group.

The best part is that ATTENDANCE IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC, so I believe it is one of the best things to do if you love exotic cars.

On the second Saturday of each month, the hottest cars and exotic vehicles in Florida convene at Lamborghini Broward for Supercar Saturdays Florida. The event, held from 10 AM to 1 PM has been a big hit with owners and automobile fans alike, and continues to draw more cars and bigger crowds every month. Owners enjoy the opportunity to show off their vehicles, and to meet with other owners and those who share their passion and enthusiasm for fine automobiles.

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In addition to the Supercar Saturdays gathering, Lamborghini Broward also hosts special drives and brunch events for exotic car owners. These drives create a welcome spectacle on South Florida roadways, where onlookers can marvel at these amazing vehicles in action.

Romeo Sykes the President of the Elite Boyz & Girlz Club will be at the next Supercar Saturday in the line up of cars with his Triple Black Bentley Flying Spur to network and expand his new high net worth individual socializing club called The Elite Boyz & Girlz Club. Romeo will participate in the Supercar Saturday event and give his before, during and after review of the event.

Romeo's new Elite Club has launched new membership services for luxury car,yacht, private jet and small island owners to network with individuals of high net worth. The club is by invitation only and prospective members need to apply via their website and fit a certain, strict criteria to be approved.

More information and Application can be found here:

It can be difficult for the wealthy man or woman to find companionship, let alone true friendship that will stand the test of time. To find and sustain meaningful friendships and relationships you need to locate your peers in society because its hard find those A-type personality people on their high functioning level and its even more difficult to connect on a personal level with such hectic schedules.

Our members range from CEO's running Fortune 1000 companies, oil barons, real estate moguls,celebrities that perform at Madison Square Garden and many more that comprise our inner circle.

Elite Boyz & Girlz Club is now accepting applications to join their prestigious members club. Membership includes social outings giving the chance for billionaires, CEOs, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and luxury car owners to mingle and socialize with like-minded people.

The club is looking to institute the Trade Key Program where we create an Ultra Luxury and Supercar Swap Program that will allow you to leverage your vehicle to be able to lend and borrow any other car that is in the Trade Key Program. You may want to drive a Lamborghini on Monday, Ferrari on Tuesday, McLaren on Wednesday, Rolls Royce on Thursday and Bentley on Friday. The Trade Key program will allow maximum exposure to the world of finely tuned driving machines for our exclusive VIP auto members.

To Learn More Trade Key Program visit

Everyone has to apply through the website and must go through an in-depth assessment in order to achieve membership status. Only the VIP will make it into the club, as standards need to be Elite as the members themselves. The only ones that can enter are the ones that can afford to live the VIP lifestyle with other high level individuals that can change the power networking social scene forever.

People who own luxury cars can qualify to be members including owners of ultra luxury, exotic, super, hyper, elite and antique cars. Activities often include driving, so people who own luxury cars will be given preference over those who do not.

The club founded by entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor Romeo Sykes who recognized the challenge that he and many of his fellow high net worth peers faced when socializing with people that don't meet their stringent criteria so relaxing and having fun are hard when you always have to keep your guard up. With this in mind, Romeo started the club with the intention of creating a safe space for high achievers to associate meet other successful professionals and ultimately have fun.

Romeo has entered Supercar Saturdays with his Triple Black Bentley Flying Spur looking to meet and greet all the power players in the Broward County area.

The two other co-founders are Richard Troutner and David Cardone. Richard is the Vice President of Excitement to help document the legendary adventures of the Elite Boyz & Girlz Club to be forever emblazoned in the annals of Supercar Saturdays. David Cardone rounds out the trio as the Vice President of FUN. His job, taken extremely seriously, is to ensure the superb quality of excitement, adventure, high-end party locations and jubilation.

More information can be found and applications can be submitted at the link above

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