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World Blood Donor Day 2018: Blood connects us All

2020-06-04 11:31:04 Health and Fitness


Bengaluru, 13, June 2018: World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th June to raise the awareness of the need for blood donation as well to thank blood donors for voluntarily donating blood and saving precious lives. While World Blood Donor Day has been celebrated since the year 2004, unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions and myths attached to blood donation in India. Despite being a home to more than 1 billion people, thousands of lives are lost each day due to the shortage of blood. When it comes to needy states like Bihar, the situation is much worse. As stated, the primary reason behind this problem is the lack of understanding.

The theme for the World Blood Donation Day-2018 is “Blood connects us All.” The slogan for this year is – Share blood, Give life! Many blood donation awareness campaigns have helped increase voluntary blood donations in the country, narrowing the gap between the requirement and shortfall. However, the majority of Indians are reluctant to donate blood, leading to the untimely death of patients in need. By keeping the theme in mind, SPARSH Hospitals have launched a full-fledged blood bank to facilitate those whose lives can be saved.

Dr Susan Williams the head of Pathology Department and the Blood Bank at SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore, said “This year we are celebrating the 14th World Blood Donor Day, but we have a long way to go before voluntary blood donation becomes a norm in India. Little do people realize that one unit of donated blood can save the lives of three people, and it’s nothing short of a miracle. I am optimistic that a number of people will come forward as blood donors, realizing the extent of impact they will make on the lives of those in need.”

Eligible donors

A donor is eligible to donate blood when he/she is free from transmittable diseases. It is a must for a donor to be between the ages of 18 – 60 years, and have a minimum weight of 50kgs. Blood pressure of the donor must be normal.

Prior to blood donation

If you are donating blood for the first time, you will understandably feel a little nervous. First thing first, never donate blood on an empty stomach. Make sure you have a proper meal around 1-2 hours before you donate blood. Try to have a wholesome meal to compensate for the blood loss. You can also drink fruit juices and tender coconut before going for blood donation. However, do remember that eating just before donating blood can make you feel nauseated and sick. Also, avoid eating high-fat foods like burgers.

After donating blood

It’s not uncommon for donors to feel slightly dizzy due to the sudden drop in blood pressure. There’s no need to worry as you will feel better in no time. After donating blood, relax for a few minutes and enjoy some fruit juices. For the next 24 hours have plenty of fluids and don’t consume alcoholic beverages for 1 day. Since you are a first-time donor, you might feel fatigued. Take some rest and keep eating healthy foods.

About SPARSH Hospital:

At SPARSH we stand for achieving Clinical Excellence with Social Relevance. Making a difference and having a larger impact on our Society at large is very fundamental to us. We want to make quality healthcare accessible to the poorer and we see this as our responsibility. We at SPARSH know we have a lot to feel proud of. In a short span of 12 years, we have achieved a tremendous amount. Today, we are successfully delivering our excellence as Super-Specialty Hospital in Yeshwanthpur (Launched in May 2015). SPARSH has grown to 1000+ employees with expertise across various specialities and delivering excellent care to people from all walks of life.

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