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Alan Kapilow public adjuster negotiates $480,000 for Dentist!!

2019-06-19 05:49:50 Legal / Law


The insurance companies staff adjuster or independently hired adjuster is there to protect the insurance company form over paying your Claim. Their job is to save the companies losses. They get a bonus for saving her company from overspending. They work directly for the company.

Alan Kapilow of Kapilow and Son Inc, license #2607309 / #2607531 and bonded in the state of California. Alan has a fiduciary obligation to protect you and your interest against under compensation on your insurance claims.

The language in an insurance contract can sometimes be misunderstood by the claimant and the insurance agency. Some sentences in the contract can have contradictory meanings. Customers of Alan Kapilow do not have to worry when contradictory orientation policy language is included in insurance contracts or policies. Mr. Kapilow has seen almost every single insurance form or policy in the 40 years of representing clients in insurance claims.

They say experience is life's best teacher. It is for this very important reason that a first-time claimant should rely on a professional to guide them through the rigorous process of filing an insurance claim. With hundreds and even million dollars on the line, this is the time when a true professional should recognize that a large insurance claim should be handled by the professionals with a family business that's been around for over 100 years.

The difficulty is that business, private entities, and individuals do not have the time it takes to correspond with the insurance company frequently. During the time of the loss, many claimants must take care of being displaced, trying to rebuild and handle city officially. It's just not feasible or realistic for most claimants to handle family and ongoing obligations along with their claims.

Many customers go wrong trying to get the insurance company to properly value their claim. The Insured feels like they are in good hands people and the good hands people will make all the necessary repairs to fix their property back to original. However, it’s not the job of the insurance agency to claim the property and to provide a detailed inventory of property that can be salvaged, was destroyed, damaged or stolen during transit. It is the insured that has an obligation to mitigate all further damage to the property and understand what their property is worth. Many disputes over the value of property go to and appeal process. Mr. Kapilow is not intimidated by having to go to an Appraiser Hearing. In fact, Mr. Kapilow with the guidance of his dad is a 3rd generation Claim Evaluator and has over 65 years of processing a claim to the actual value of the distressed property claim.

There are many reasons why insurance claims have delays getting paid. One of the largest reasons is the scope of the loss is not clear. Mr. Kapilow has over 40 years in examining the scope of loss on behalf of over 1,000 losses. Let Mr. Kapilow put his reputation on the line to represent your claim.

Here is a list of claims recently settled for over 5 million dollars please call 310–678–1367 today to become part of the list today:

Horlick, ?Moorhead Properties 26 properties in West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Agent discouraged clients from filing a claims after 1994 quake suggesting that deductibles were higher than damage. In 2001 Kapilow & Son activated 26 claims, recovering $7.4 million 6 months thereafter.

Dr. Eric Loberg -Ensley Dental Clinic, WLA December 1999 fire was initially evaluated at $120,000 by insurer. Kapilow & Son settled at $480,000. Business loss reserved at $25,000 for 30 days. Kapilow & Son settled claim for$367,000 based upon full year impact to Loberg’s practice.

Kadim Alhilly -32-unit apartment building. Discouraged, by agent, from filing claim in 1994. Kapilow & Son opened claim in 2001 and recovered $575,000.

Ed Tabash?—?Canoga Park 23 Apartments?—?Earthquake Damage Offered zero. Kapilow & Son settled at $1,503,128.

Harlan Properties,?Harlan Kerman recovered zero in 1994 on 2 valley apartments. Kapilow & Son recovered$425,000 and $225,000 in 2001.

Regina Weinsoff, North Hollywood 16 Apts.?—?Earthquake damage. Offered $34,000.

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