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Mayank Gandhi to participate in Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation’s water cup for lasting solutions to Farmer woes

2019-07-23 09:50:27 News & Society


12 villages from Mayank Gandhi͛s Global Parli to participate in Water Cup; commences 45-day intensive rural makeover to ensure Parli villages are permanently drought free.

As problems of rural poverty and farmer suicides take centre stage with the Farmer March, permanent solutions to the age-old issue are gaining traction. Global Parli, an initiative founded by activist Mayank Gandhi, has been working towards rural transformation in Parli Taluka of Beed district for the last 2 years. With a view to accelerate the process, it is participating with Aamir Khans ͚Paani Foundation͛ to effect permanent solutions to the water crisis in rural Maharashtra. The project aims to assist over a dozen villages with long-term water security. Once implemented, it will save the cost of 1.44 lakh water tankers annually, over a period of minimum of 20 years. Parli is one of the worst affected areas in India with an overall irrigated area of only 1.72% compared to the national average of 40%.

Says Mayank Gandhi, “The makeover will entail the use of labour and machines to create structures like farm ponds, soak pits, check dams and trenches to increase the water table in a village. The amount of water shed structures needed is based on the population and geography of a village. The elaborate mechanism employed by Paani Foundation with its unique competition ͚Water Cup͛ lays down a blue print to make a village drought free is truly commendable”

The funding of the initiative is unique since the Global Parli trust has managed to get all stakeholders under one roof. The makeover is being funded by the villagers, the government, private enterprises (UPL, Borosil, Alkem Laboratories and others) and also by urban India through crowd funding.

Adds Mayank Gandhi, “GlobalParli has been working with villages in Parli (Beed) for 2 years. We have managed to rekindle hope in the minds of the villagers and empowered them with the necessary knowledge and training to transform their lives. We have achieved significant success through the rejuvenation of local rivers, rain water harvesting, health, education, social reforms, self-governance and community empowerment. Not a single drop of illegal liquor is now available in these villages. We look at this 45 day makeover as significant milestone in our journey to transform rural India towards a prosperous tomorrow. We need more hands and heads to come forward and support our mission in bringing dignity and prosperity in the lives of the men and women who feed us.”

About Global Parli: Global Parli is a pilot project of Nation Building through Revival & Empowerment of the Villages of India. 15 drought hit Villages around Parli Taluka in Beed District of Maharashtra, India have been selected for 360 degree development in a time bound manner with an aim to establish a sustainable economic model indicated by increased per capita income and improved human development indices. Project Global Parli will serve as model which can be replicated on a national canvas.

About Mayank Gandhi: (born 7th November 1958) After completing his B.Sc in 1977 and earning a diploma in Business Management, Mayank Gandhi – inspired by the life of Gandhiji chose to dedicate his life for the underprivileged. As a political reformist, he was instrumental in Right to Information Act, Nagar Raj Bill and pioneering the inclusion of citizen candidates in electoral politics. He was one of the leading lights of the Path Breaking Anna Movement before becoming the member of the national executive of the Aam Aadmi Party in charge of Maharashtra. Having quit active politics, Mayank has embarked on a mission to rejuvenate Rural India with the ambitious “Global Parli” project which seeks a 360 degree transformation of 15 villages in Parli, to be served as a model to be replicated across India. Apart from having experience in Politics and Social Activism, Mayank is also an expert in urban planning - having spoken in forums across 23 countries and has served on the advisory board of the

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