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Shopify Micro-Tasks Service To Be Launched By WebReinvent In Its New Platform Release

2019-08-18 10:27:35 Design


WebReinvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi-based award-winning web development company, is all set to launch its new micro-tasks platform,, for Shopify. Through this venture, any business owner would be able to get their Shopify small projects get done more rapidly and at more affordable cost than what is usually seen in the web development market.

Shopify has been the name on the lips of several business owners desiring to launch their eCommerce stores. With plain sailing implementation and an array of tools available, Shopify has gained much traction and popularity among a wide number of business owners in the recent times.

Small-scale Shopify projects to be made easier with

For a small Shopify task like layout changes, a series of back and forth emails go between the clients and developers to discuss the work scope, pricing of the task, and its other specifics. This proves a lot wearisome and highly time-consuming where that time could have been used for more productive work for both the clients and developers.

WebReinvent is professing to make this tedious process much shorter with the launch of Simply put, any client can get their small Shopify tasks done with a single click and at affordable prices.

“Shopify is indeed a platform numerous business owners are looking at to launch their eCommerce stores and fight a fierce battle to woo customers. With the launch, assigning small Shopify projects and getting them done will be a piece of cake for anyone. Every task will be backed with a predefined scope of work, pricing of the task and the list of developers assigned for that task to make the tiresome process short.”, said Ameey Kumar, a senior PHP developer at WebReinvent.

Addressing the worldwide obstacle

Continuous deliberation on pricing and scope of work may be well suited for large website projects, however, small-scale Shopify projects don’t rationalize the same time and energy expenditure. Thereby, small Shopify projects are many times neglected, causing businesses to lose revenue in the long term.

“We’ve had clients asking for small Shopify projects, but understanding the scope of work usually ended up taking a majority of the time. Also, many clients are not technically sound. This caused much frustration for both us and clients when we attempted to understand what they need get done.”, added Ameey Kumar.

On, Shopify tasks will be introduced with a predefined scope of work so every client can get the understanding as to what work will be carried out in the process. Also, with every task, its pricing and the timeline of completion will be mentioned. With keeping all kind of businesses in mind, tasks will be priced nominally. By taking the scope of work and pricing out of the picture, will prove to ease the pain for anyone looking for Shopify Development Services to get Shopify small-scale projects done rapidly.

More benefits, less strain

With’s launch, WebReinvent is anticipating a wave of clients asking to get their small Shopify projects get done.

Today, even for a small Shopify project like theme development, a client needs to contact web development companies and involve into strenuous presales nuisances. Furthermore, many times a non-technical client is not able to communicate their requirements in detail. This may lead to scope-creep and cause unnecessary inconvenience for both the client and developers in time.

The struggle involved in getting the small-scale Shopify projects done on will be minimal while the benefits offered by this platform will be considerable. Let’s dive into the benefits will be offering:

The services will be offered for all major website platforms like Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Woocommerce etc.

All the tasks will have a predefined scope of work, time of completion and pricing on These requisites will help avoid any scope-creep and unnecessary time consumption on price dialogues and tremendous exchange of emails between clients and developers.

Instead of freelancers, the tasks will be fulfilled by the WebReinvent’s team of dedicated developers. The developers will be working with several project managers and tasks will be carried out in a more supervised environment. Where freelancers often struggle with rendering a high productivity, the experienced and tested developers of WebReinvent will make sure that the tasks are done within the predefined time and that too with little to no complication.

On every task will be matched with the best Shopify Developers available in the team for that task. The client will be able to see the personnel assigned to them with their work statistics.

As soon as a client assigns the task to the WebReinvent team, their account will be created automatically in WebReinvent’s Collab tool and the client can assign more tasks to the team while their project is still underway.

Making clients life easier with refined and transparent process

“The conception of came into existence when numerous business owners were frustrated with paying an exorbitant sum for small-scale Shopify projects. The consistent price negotiations and emails to understand the scope of work simply added more to their frustration.So, with, a client will effortlessly assign us a task and we’d get it done in no time.”, said Ameey Kumar.

WebReinvent hopes that with the launch of, SMBs can have their small Shopify projects get done more rapidly, with more satisfaction, and that too at a nominal cost.

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