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Technource releases a big breakthrough with Top Ten Percent.Inc

2019-07-17 02:20:49 Design


An eminent web development company Technource is consistently driving datum for the triumphs in IT industry. Technource being an enormous patron to the internet businesses and technologies. As it never negotiates with the agendas and Hard work, getting successive progress with the challenging projects. Employees at the firm are indulgent of adopting latest technologies. The ChairPerson of the Techno Source Pvt. Ltd (Technource) believes in accepting new asserts with the work and is an ardent personality himself.

Recently, Technource has presented a breakthrough with the leading Marketing Company of United States of America. Top Ten Percent.Inc is a leading company offering deals to enroll for the website and get more business with the consumers' worldwide. It was really an imposing project to develop a website collaborating with an application. Including hardware and integrating with the latest technologies seeks a depth of knowledge and experience. The project was quite difficult to develop as working on the latest frameworks like laravel. Technource has revamped the engaging style and efforts towards the technology. Because it possesses an origin of Technological Minds with ingenious ideas.

Project Highlights

Top Ten Percent.Inc Business Marketing firm offering different roles to the business owners to enroll at the website and can run with the Android and IOS applications, too. The client was asking an invention which works on UBIQUITY hardware and can operate dynamic user authentication. The demands were to perform the calculation for tracking the business revenues, traffic and other stuff regarding the franchise. Also, there were executions of digital loyalty points based on enrollments usage figures. The Technource as always was bracing to perform demanding tasks.

The Solutions were provided as per the client’s requirement. Developers and Team Leads found this requires to be carried out with the Latest laravel framework for web application. Same as the mobile application was a confusion to fulfill the client’s interest in each functionality. It was done with JAVA and Swift 2 technologies for Android and IOS applications, respectively. The Client’s motto was to provide free wifi using UBIQUITI hardware to each TTP user. Technource gave them a smoothing work functionality with the combination of web and mobile app operability. It was the unexpected successful implementation of hardware compatibility.

If you are searching for an IT industry’s mastermind solutions provider and keen to implement the latest frameworks in your upcoming projects. Then do contact us. Please visit us to know our prowess on various technologies and our story. You can hire laravel developers from our company and grow your slot in industry.

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User :- Sanjay Rajpurohit


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Mobile:- +91- 962477043

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