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BC Novels Launches Its Official, Ad-Free Website Dedicated To Fiction

2024-05-26 07:28:10 Business


Cerritos, California (August 09, 2017) - BC Novels has just launched its official website, ad-free and designed professionally. It has been optimized to be responsive, and can be viewed across various devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The site has published reviews about different web fictions and books, with special emphasis on fantasy and modern stories.

The website has published reviews on books like The Alchemist, 1Q84, The Scum Villain?s Self-Saving System and The Reader and Protagonist. The reviews help readers to know about the books that have recently been published, and whether they need to be picked up. The website is easily navigable and readable.

Recently, BC Novels has launched "The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love", its first translation project. This is a famous Chinese web novel and a fan translation project. The project, originally named ?Du Zhe He Zhu Jiao Jue Bi Shi Zhen Ai? and written by Tui, has been translated by fans who wish to go through the story in English.

The narrative is about a reader who is transported to the setting of his favorite fantasy novel. The reader has to undergo many trials, to remain strong and get true love and happiness in his life. The novel has an extremely amusing tone. There is enough action although romance is the main focus of its story. People who read the novel are likely to be entertained. The novel retains its charm in English, as in Chinese.

About BC Novel:
BC Novels is a brand new site dedicated to fiction. Various web fiction and book reviews have been published by different readers. It concentrates on fantasy and modern stories.

For further information, visit

Company Name - BC Novels
Owner name - Monica R. Teeter
Phone Number - 801-650-1478
E-mail Address -


Company :-BC Novels

User :- Monica R. Teeter


Phone :---

Mobile:- -

Url :-

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