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Rodger Oakes Launches Lil Piggies Card Games & Invites People for Naming the Game Characters

2024-06-12 01:15:13 Art & Entertainment


Columbus, OH (July 21, 2017) - Rodger Oakes has posted a project inviting people for naming the game characters for this newly designed game Lil? Piggies. This is a math and strategy-based game that will help kids of more than 5 years to learn addition and they will also have to employ some strategies to play and win the game. This game can be played by two to four players at a time.

Rodger Oakes, a math teacher started designing the Lil Piggies with the tears of his first-grade child, who had difficulty with math tests at the school. So, he along with his wife turned a standard deck of cards and developed the Lil? Piggies. His five-year-old son, who started playing this game quickly, started adding.

The game has one bad wizard, 2 heroic huntsmen, 3 evil wolves and 10 little piggies. Rodger Oakes invites people to name these characters. He will be releasing four cards for naming each week and participants can name the four cards. He wants the name to be original without any copyright infringement.

About Lil' Piggies:
The creator of this game Rodger Oakes is not just a math teacher, but he is also an avid Frisbee player. He is also a coach and tournament organizer.

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