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New Ferrari Insurance Guide Released by Diagle Travers for Smart Luxury Vehicle Owners

2019-07-17 05:45:26 Automotive


Daigle Travers, a business and personal insurance company, based in Darien, Connecticut, has published a guide to Ferrari insurance as a part of their luxury sports and exotic car insurance series. The Ferrari insurance guide looks at claims and the costs of covering the vehicle, as well as sports car insurance and luxury car insurance in general.

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Released in May, this new guide discusses why the Ferrari is iconic, and the importance of having adequate vehicle cover for such a prestige car. With older Ferraris becoming valued collectors items and increasing in value, and many later model Ferrari's custom-made to order, owners need to find the right insurance policy which fully covers their asset.

The Ferrari Guide notes that some parts for such exotic vehicles are difficult to find. Thus, the cost of insuring the vehicle are higher. Often insurance for a late model Ferrari will be more than $10,000 per year, whereas older Ferrari's typically cost less as they are collector items. Consequently, when considering insurance for a Ferrari, it's important to discuss policy plans to suit individual needs.

Furthermore, the Ferrari Guide stresses that it's vital to ask for an agreed value when insuring the vehicle. Why? Well, an insurer typically uses an agreed value as the basis of coverage. So, when an accident or damage occurs, an insurer uses this value, rather than a market value, to access any reimbursement. The Ferrari Guide goes on to discuss what defines a collectable or exotic car and Ferrari auto insurance facts.

With over 34-years of insurance experience, Daigle Travers has extensive knowledge of personal and business insurance. As such, they offer guidance and recommendations that help clients to cover their assets and protect their needs, while adhering to their budgets.

Daigle Travers is currently preparing insurance guides for Collector Car Owners, a Yacht Insurance Guide, Equine Insurance Guide and many other useful guides for their existing and new customers.

To find out more about Daigle Travers insurance and their new Ferrari Guide, call 203 655 6974 or visit

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