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FLIZIT Ready To Take On Uber and Lyft While Not Taking Commission From Drivers

2024-04-13 11:54:33 Business


DENVER, COLARADO (April 25, 2017) ? As a company known for its on demand services, Flizit has come a long way. ?To tell you the truth, we are doing quite well in Denver as of the moment. We are a new company, in an emerging market and we continue to expand our interests on a daily basis. This makes the challenge worthwhile. Of course, the team absolutely loves the competition we have to face. Makes it a very rewarding experience?, said a representative.

For a company which is known for its on demand services, Flizit has started its very own ridesharing service for drivers, as an alternative to Lyft and Uber. ?We do have quite a few drivers who have gone through stringent background and driving tests to give some healthy competition to Uber and Lyft. The services are essentially the same, with the plus points being that our drivers take less time to reach the customer, Flizit takes zero commission from its drivers as well as the fees being absolutely nominal. This would help us get a slight advantage over our competitors?, said Robertson, the founder of Flizit. Flizit essentially provides on demand plumbing, on demand food delivery, on demand handyman, on demand electric, on demand driver, on demand yard work, on demand auto detailing, on demand hair stylist. ?All these local service professionals are available at the tap of a button?, added Robertson.

Flizit?s app is available both on Google Play Store and Apple?s iOS store for free. ?We are working on bug fixes for the app. We also plan to increase the types of services we provide and to expand our influence to other cities in Colorado as well?, stated a representative.

About Flizit LLC:
Flizit is an app that allows people to hire other personnel for various kinds of jobs. This is one of a kind of invention which actually helps a person stay updated about all the jobs around him or her all the time.

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