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New Book Launched Shoots Down Surprising Allergy Trigger

A newly released book addresses how people with allergies become so hypersensitive in the first place. It reveals that, although allergies seem to be caused by mold, foods, dust, pollen or dander, it is possible to eliminate the reason people became so vulnerable to these triggers, especially when they were not vulnerable before, and rid them of their hypersensitivity.

This potentially controversial book, ["Allergies, The Straw That Broke the Camels Back, The Secret Cause of Hyper-Sensitivity,]( may clash with prevailing beliefs, bringing some cause for concern to people who promote short-term suppression of symptoms rather than focusing on eliminating root causes. It looks into the question of what sets off the inflammatory auto-immune cascades that create allergies and discovers a common root cause underlying what are usually considered to be the triggers of allergic response.

This engaging book describes how to eliminate that root cause which, not only provides benefits such as allergy relief, but additional benefits par-for-the-course in bodies not overwhelmed with inflammation.The book makes a point of showing that these benefits are simply normal aspects of healthy bodies which are free of the root causes of inflammation and auto-immunity. This revealing book describes the qualities of a true state of health that goes beyond a mere temporary absence of symptoms.

The spokesperson for Linda's House of Healthy Choices, Linda Lamme, says First and foremost, the aim of our articles and books is to tell our readers what most other news sources ignore. We never set out to intentionally upset anyone. However, since our duty is to our readers it is critical that we stay dedicated to our true voice. It is notoriously difficult to please everyone. We believe it's more important for us to break down the latest science-based information in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner that will motivate and enable interested people to be able to meet their goals. Our goal is to help people have vibrant, allergy-free lives.

Linda's House of Healthy Choices continues to be a provider of in-depth articles in the holistic health field and has stated the future aim for the website is to help people create healthy bodies because, by definition, healthy bodies don't have diseases. Through first hand experience the author, having been exposed to nuclear waste and toxic chemicals, restored her health by searching out and applying the cutting-edge discoveries of pioneering researchers in the fields of holistic health and nutrition and now shares those underlying principals of creating glowing health with her audience.

The goal of her new book, Allergies The Straw That Broke the Camels Back, The Secret Cause of Hyper-Sensitivity is to help people realize there is a way to take their health, vitality and well-being into their own hands and that it is not as difficult as they may think.

[Linda's House of Healthy Choices is supplying an additional article addressing one more straw that broke the camels back here.](  

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