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Nanotech Tools Revolutionizing the Future of Electronic Industry

2019-08-04 10:43:15 Technology


The global nanoparticle market in electronic application is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 17.5% during 2017-2024, says RNCOS in its Global Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2024 report.

Nanotechnology is changing significantly the field of electronics, especially in regard to computers, telecommunications and optics. Nanotechnology science has developed new computer microprocessors that have less than 100 nanometers (nm) features and hence smaller sizes mean a significant increase in speed and more processing capability. The technology is further developing new circuit materials, new processors, new means of storing information and new manners of transferring information. Nanotechnology can offer greater versatility because of faster data transfer, more “on the go" processing capabilities and larger data memories.

The report “Global Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2024” provides the current scenario and future estimates of the industry. Engineers & scientists are incorporating a wide range of advanced nanomaterials into computer chips, chemical sensors, batteries and other applications to make more powerful and reliable devices. Also, many electronics companies are collaborating with nanotechnology companies for creating advance products.

The global nanotechnology market has been witnessing significant growth in the years owing to factors such as increasing government support along with rise in the international collaborations among countries. Like many other industries, the electronics Industry have been tremendously impacted by nanotechnology resulting into significant developments.

Nanotechnology integrated electronic products provide enhanced features such as rapid charging, enhanced safety, cost efficiency, developing ultra miniaturized storage devices which can be used in various applications.

Owing to these developments, demand for nanotechnology from electronics industry is anticipated to rise significantly in the near future and has the potential to revolutionize the electronic industry as a whole.

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