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Vaping consumers divided over differences in heating between firefly and pax.

2019-06-12 02:25:27 Automotive


As per the latest market trends, it has been said that firefly and pax vaporizer are two of the best rated portable vaporizers in the market. The only difference that tells the two products apart are the method in which it is heated by the user.
Most of the individuals prefer to heat their vaporizer using the conduction method buys the pax vaporizer. As for those of the individuals who are used to the convection method of heating, the firefly is their best choice. In order to heat the former, one should put the product in direct contact with the source of the heat. For the latter, consumers are advised to heat the vaporizer simply by transferring the heat via the air particles. Typically, it has been proven that heating by conduction is the fastest method. Vaporizers that use conduction method to heat are usually cheaper in rate. This is another reason why most of the consumers opt for this kind of heating. A common disadvantage that comes with this product is that the user will have to continuously stir the medicine between draws. This is because of the fact that only the herb that touches the conductive surface is vaporized. One of the most commonly known unhealthy bi products of combustion is that it has a greater likelihood of combusting the herbs. Although convective heating typically takes longer to heat on an average, it is not so in the case of a good quality firefly. In general, most of the convection vaporizers are comparatively more sophisticated. This is why such products are more on the expensive side. Users do not need to worry about stirring the herds every now and then because it is not necessary. Since the firefly is less likely to cause more combustion, it is more accurate when it comes to temperature control. For more information visit
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